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The Advertiser Take (Choosing the Right Shopping Campaign Strategy)

The Advertiser Take

Choosing the Right Shopping Campaign Strategy



Retailers typically promote their online and local inventory by creating Shopping campaigns via AdWords. This is a type of campaign that allows advertisers to drive users to their website and accrue highly qualified leads. Once you are done with creating the principal components of your Shopping campaign, it is important to select a Shopping campaign strategy that will comply with your business objectives and show your ad copies to computer and mobile users as well.


VBE, an esteemed member of the AdWords Forum, has been managing a large Shopping campaign for a big online store since 2014 and was wondering which Shopping campaign strategy would be the best choice for his needs. Now he knows that time investment usually bears fruit. This is what he posted after making the decision: ’I have been playing around with Google Shopping and bid strategies such as ROAS, Max clicks etc. Having crazy good results with the ROAS bid strategy in terms of conversion rate like over 4%+ and ad spend way way down.’ Feels good to hear that. Great job, VBE.


While ROAS may be regarded as an obvious best option for many mature Shopping campaigns, in most cases you need thorough consideration before making a decision on your Shopping campaign strategy. First, you may want to decide if you need manual bidding or a Smart Bidding strategy. Selecting one of the automated options can help make sure the products are displayed for the right search queries and help you achieve your business goals. For more, you are advised to read on here: Choose the Right Shopping Campaign Bid Strategy.


If you have questions, the Google Shopping and Merchant Center category within the official AdWords Forum allows members to learn more about how to optimize their Shopping ads.

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