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The +1 Button and AdWords

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What is the +1 Button?

I like to compare the +1 button to the traditional hit counters people used to add to their sites in the old days except the +1 button is basically a personal confirmation that your website has something good to share. Every time someone clicks the +1 on your site, they are alerting their friends, family and the rest of the world that they approve of your site. This can lead onto a chain of recommendations bringing in more interested traffic to your website which has been referred by people they already trust.



Why use the +1 Button with AdWords?

I think the ability to allow clients to instantly and publicly recommend your website with the ease of clicking a button is a very advantageous one. Upon clicking a +1 button a customer is presented with a small popup giving them the potential of sharing the page content with whoever they wish on Google+, whether it be friends and family in their circles or simply a public post to the Google+ community. Any potential customer who then comes across your website, organic listing or AdWords ad will then see the number of times that particular +1 button has been clicked on along with profile pictures and annotations of the profiles who recommended the site. 

Using the +1 button with Adwords allows a social association to be created between your AdWords ad and any other content you use the +1 button with including your website and Google+ page. If one medium receives a +1 then so will your AdWords ad (providing they are linked). An online culture exists where consumers are influenced by reviews and recommendations from friends or even by public online opinions made by strangers; the +1 button addresses this culture perfectly and has the potential to improve your CTR and even sales when implementing it with AdWords. I will personally never purchase a product or use an online service these days without reading customer feedback first; originally I would have had to search the internet for those reviews on forums and blogs for example but now it’s simple the case of reviewing the number of +1’s and annotations associated to that website.



When to use the +1 button?

The +1 button is not simply a tool used to collect and share public testimonials, it can be an excellent way to generate brand awareness also. Famous companies (with Cadbury being a good example) and celebrities are making use of the +1 button in connection with their Google+ pages to expand on their already acquired brand image, this potential also exists for businesses of any size who wish to build their own brand awareness online. I created a Google+ page for my blog when the feature was first released and I have noticed an exponential increase of +1’s on the page since it has been running. Users with Google profiles will either share my blog with their contacts which results in additional +1’s or those other people can see that a user has +1’d my blog and are then also interested in checking it out. This cycle can then repeat and the reach continues to grow as contacts of contacts begin to have the potential of seeing my blog all due to the simple click of a +1 button.

There is no additional cost in using the +1 button on your AdWords ads and website meaning that there is also no risk; I would suggest that everyone gives the +1 button a try as I believe it is definitely the way forward with regards to social relevance when searching for products, services and brands.



Tips on using the +1 Button with Adwords


  • Make use of Social Extensions - It is important for you to establish the link between your AdWords account and Google+ Page.
  • Don’t forget to create a Google+ Page for your business - Having this page is essential if you plan to build a good reputable brand across all +1 mediums.


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