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Start Investing in Display Network with These Golden Tips




What is GDN:-


The Google Display Network (GDN) is commonly known as “Content Network”. The GDN is the world’s number one Ad network reaching more than 80% of all Internet users worldwide and 92% U.S. respectively. The GDN encompasses over 2 million web properties, has over 0.5 billion users. The GDN Includes many Google properties such as YouTube, Gmail etc. and Google non properties:-news sites, forum, video sites, blogs, social networking etc.


Advantages of running Ads on the GDN:-

  • The ability to place all types of Ads:-Text, Image, Flash, Video and mobile Apps Ads
  • The ability to place any Kind of placement you can imagine such as websites, mobile apps, YouTube video channel.
  • The advertiser can use several placements, websites, mobile apps, YouTube video channel.
  • Show the ads to the users that are likely to be potential customers.
  • If your site has 90% non-converting paid Search Network traffic, you can re-engage these past visitors through complex Remarketing custom audiences, created with Google Analytics or Google AdWords.


How to avoid wasting budget in Display Network

Stop Wasting.jpg

While Google Display Network lets you to target variety of Channels and options—Keyword, Placement, Topic, Interest, Targeting Optimization (DCO) Gender, and Age--but certain placement, category, topic and interest are not relevant for your business objective. That does not give you the positive ROI. Google Display Tab permits exclusion at every level so that you can avoid wasting budget in GDN and achieve a positive ROI. One can control the AdWords budget by excluding keywords, Placement, Topics, Interest, category and Demographic.


Targeting  and Exclusion option in Google Display Network Campaign:-


Targeting Option.png




In order to get success on GDN, advertisers can use the multiple targeting in same ad group and select the appropriate bidding strategy.


Combining Targeting Types: - Campaign Targeting is all about showing your ads to the Right Audience, at the Right Time and at the Right Place. To achieve these 3 R, you can combine the different targeting option in the single Ad Group.


How it works: - Suppose you want to target the ad group with keywords as well as Placement. Thus if you are using both the keyword and placement targeting in your GDN campaigns then you are allowed to select one of the bidding method based on your business objective.

Let’s says--- your one of the Ad Group has a keyword "Samsung galaxy s4 features" and you have also targeted one placement "". Here you can find two cases:-


A.) Target and Bid Option:-

Target and BId.jpg

                    Show your ads only "", when your keyword "Samsung galaxy s4 features" matches in the particular pages of the site "". Thus you can select the Target and Bid Option. Target and Bid lets you to Show ads only on placements that are targeted. Means, your ads only show when all targeting matches.

Now take a look of the Venn diagram. Here when you want to target only audience “AB”, then you need to select the “Target and Bid”.



B.) Bid only: -


Bid only features to show your ads on any placement when it matches other targeting methods in your ad group, like display keywords, interest, topics and demographic.

Bid Only.png

                                     If you want to show your ads on sites based on your keyword e.g. "samsung galaxy s4 features", but you think that your potential customers visit specific website "", thus you add "" as placement in your ad group and select "Bid only." It means you set a bid on those placements to increase your chances of showing Ads on the placements sites, when your keyword matches with those placements.


With second venn diagram you can understand—how--Bid only--works.

When you opt the Bid only, it increases your chances of showing ads to the audience-“AB”, and at the same time it shows the other placements sites that match with the keywords theme—Audience “A”.



Exclusion is as important as combining Targeting option in GDN Campaigns. There are some placement sites that are always concern amoung the advertsiers to get rid off.


Exclude Mobile Apps from your Google Display Network


 Excluding the Mobile Apps from the Google Display network is always concern among the advertisers. An Advertiser can exclude the Mobile Apps by “GMob mobile app non-interstitial” or simply exclude the placement “” from your campaigns or Ad Group.


Exclude “Anonymous.Google” from Campaign


Anonymous.Google is a group of placement sites, their names are not disclosed by publishers. Publishers decide to offer placements name anonymously. When you run the Placement Reports, you will find the placement Anonymous.Google or “”. It means you are showing your ads anonymous sites without knowing the website categories and types. Thus, if you want to exclude the from the campaigns or ad groups, you can opt either of two methods:-


1.)To exclude a particular anonymous site, enter its anonymous ID plus ','


2.) To exclude all anonymous sites, simply exclude the placement from your campaigns or Ad Group.


Exclusion of Below the Fold Categories:-


Below the foldsections of a website that customers have to scroll down the page to see your ads, then this placement is considered as “below the fold”.  To target the Below the Fold, means getting a lot high traffic and receiving very less clicks. By targeting above the fold targeting, you can control wasted impression served at the bottom of the pages. AdWords allows targeting only Above the Fold targeting by excluding the “Below the Fold” category exclusion from the campaigns.




Conclusion:-Whether your advertising objective is --Goal oriented or Brand awareness, GDN is good platform to start your adverts. GDN offers a wide variety of targeting that can be combined based on your advertising  objective or ROI. At the same time you can also take the advantage of targeting exclusions features to narrow down your unwanted traffic.

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January 2014

Thanks for the article!


In reference to target and bid vs bid only, how does bid-only increase your chances of showing to the AB audience in comparison to the target and bid method?  Does it increase the chances because you can have other targets (topics, interests, keywords) in effect, widening the scope of possibility?



Trevor_Stewart Top Contributor
January 2014

Great post! Very explainatory, way to cover all grounds.

Oyediran D
January 2016

Brilliant, i call it brilliant. This is a great piece of work and it's lovely, easy to read and easy to understand. 

Rakesh Kumar Top Contributor
January 2016

Thanks @Oyediran D, Smiley Happy



Sook M
October 2016 - last edited October 2016 CassieH Community Manager

We just launched our e-commerce site.  I would like to hire agency for Google Display Ads.  What is the main criteria to shortlist?  How much time they should spend in initial period?


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