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Spend X Get Y Promotional Codes: How Do They Work?

Hi All,

I’m Simran from the AdWords team, and I'm here today to discuss how the promotional codes of Spend X Get Y work with your AdWords account and what to expect when you apply these codes in your accounts.

Starting from the beginning, these promotional codes would be sent to the eligible accounts by our Marketing team either by email, via direct mail or marketing contact. So when you receive a promotional code offer from us, here’s how to go about it.

When you apply a Spend X Get Y promotional code (for eg: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, 14 characters) in an AdWords account, the credit amount of Y will appear in the account once the account has accrued clicks worth amount X.

For example, you apply a code for ‘Spend $25 and Get $100’ towards your account on Oct 10, this credit amount of $100 will appear in the account only when:

a. Under Manual form of payments, you make a payment of $25 and spend it completely. This means that the account would be required to accrue clicks worth $25 and  simply making a payment in the AdWords account won't work.

b. Under Automatic payments, you spend/accrue clicks worth $25 in the account completely.

Hence, if you accrue clicks worth the complete $25 on Oct 20, the promotional credit amount of $100 will appear on the AdWords account within 5 business days. Do note it is important to redeem the code before you spend $25 in the account as the code redemption activates that offer in the account. Also, a point to note here is that, since this will work more like an activation for the Spend X Get Y code, this redemption will not be visible in your account at that time. However be assured that once the required amount X is spent, amount Y will get applied.

There might be other type of offers (for example: Spend $25, get $75 credit), hence it is important to read the eligibility in the terms and conditions of the offer you’ve received from us (the codes most of the times are sent for new AdWords accounts, hence please do read the offer terms carefully).

A quick summary of the above:

1. Redeem the code before you intend to spend from your pocket/create a new campaign/etc (depending on the offer you’ve received). To know how to redeem the code, do read here.

2. Once the code is applied, the credit won't appear immediately (as per the offer you’ve received).

3. If its a Spend X Get Y offer, the entire amount of X needs to be spent before the credit amount Y appears on the Billing page.

Important to read are the terms and conditions of the offer. If the credit doesn’t appear even when the above criteria has been met, do Contact us through our various support channels. We’ll be happy to help you!

Google AdWords Team

October 2012

I was never cleared about this new codes. Its good approach and may stop people who sale coupons or advertiser who open multiple new account with just coupons.

December 2012

"a. Under Manual form of payments, you make a payment of $25 and spend it completely."

Why wait for the exact 2,500 CENTS to be spent before applying an entered code? Or is that too simple for G? Accounts seem to get blocked and freeze before ever applying the 100$ code because 1 cent is left in the account, therefore, the full 25$ is NOT spent... according to G understanding. Why is that so complicated? Even computers understand that!

Urbano Antunes
February 2013

How much do we have to spend to get 200$?

Kenny P
June 2013

Can you answer me if the promotion is the same as Weebly ?

I do not need to join Weebly or others to get the promotion right ?

Can I get the adword promotion directly from Google ?

So I have to spend $25 at one go in a day to get $100 in 5 business day ?

How many promotion can I get in one email account ?

Please answer all the questions ... Thank you

Kanokpitone P
November 2014

How can get a codes ?