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Site Not Working Disapproval & How to Fix It

Hi Adwords Community,


This is the first article of a series of posts regarding Adwords policies, common disapproval reasons and how you can work on avoiding these disapprovals.


Let’s start off with - Site seems to be loading perfectly, yet ads are disapproved for “Site not working”?


This could be happening due to one of the reasons outlined below:



The Landing Page isn’t accessible in all parts of the world.


Why is this a reason for disabling, you may ask?
AdWords offers advertisers the opportunity to change the targeting of their campaigns whenever they choose. US today, UK tomorrow. But with great power comes great responsibility. When an advertiser decides to change targeting we want the ads to lead to a working page.
Users should be able to access a website irrespective of location thus providing a consistent and world-class consumer experience.

Does that mean we want you to have global targeting?
No, you can target your ads to the country you want. However your website should be globally accessible, so anyone trying to visit the website can access it.

The Landing Page isn’t accessible to our bots, has crawl restrictions in robots.txt or element errors on the landing page interfering with the bot crawls.

AdWords system visits and evaluates landing pages on a regular basis to determine landing page experience as well as adherence to our policies. If our bots can’t crawl the page then it may lead to a “Site not working” disapproval.

Where can you check whether your site is crawlable or not?
a) In your website settings to make sure that you aren't blocking Google bots from crawling your content. One of the ways bots are blocked is in the robots.txt of your site. Make sure that you haven’t disallowed the following bots from crawling your page - User-agent: AdsBot-Google and User-agent: AdsBot-Google-Mobile
b) In the crawl errors report in Search Console. The Crawl Errors report for websites provides details about the site URLs that we could not successfully crawl or that returned an HTTP error code.

The site may not be loading quickly or working on different devices and browsers.

Users can access the internet via a multitude of devices and browsers and thus your landing page should load quickly on most popular browsers and devices. We recommend avoiding content or features that delay a page's load time and that may make a user think that your site or app isn't working.



Once you have consulted with a member of your IT team, or webmaster to confirm that the site and landing page is accessible, loading quickly on all browsers and crawlable - re-submit your ads for review.

As ever, your feedback helps keep the ad ecosystem safe and make it more efficient - so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. We hope this post will help you understand some of these disapprovals and run your ads better. For more details and specifics you can always refer to our help centre article here.


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Iliana C
October 2016

I am having this same issue so thank you for posting this. We are currently blocking entire countries that have been hitting us hard with malicious intent. By any chance do you know if only the landing pages need to be accessible everywhere or the entire site?