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Simple steps you can take in your account to increase conversions

When you're getting started with AdWords, that first sale or sign up is an exciting moment. With that first success under your belt, now's the time to begin thinking about steps you can take in your account to get even more sales and sign ups.


Watch this video to see how Mike, an online retailer of mountain climbing gear, uses three simple yet effective strategies to improve his AdWords conversion rates:



  1. Choosing the right keywords
  2. Adding negative keywords
  3. Writing specific ad text

Already using these strategies? Let us know how they're working out for you!

Zee Community Manager
March 2013

A great way how to improve conversion rates. Thanks for sharing, Kris.

March 2013

Really its a nice demonstration of conversions optimization with such a nice and simple video clip. I liked the way yo embedded here. I'll really help to AdWords newbies who are just getting started with AdWords.



April 2013

Nice one guys. I just wonder how 'conversion tracking' can be used for service providers such as accountants and web desingers?


Smiley Happy

Anna Mária N
April 2013

 Én nem javaslom, hogy csinál egy rossz Ad abban a reményben, hogy soha nem lesz kattintottak

Saroj K
June 2013

thanks kris,for your motivation


Kundan K
August 2013

thanks for your motivation