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Shopping Item Disapprovals One-Sheeter


Download this one-sheeter as a PDF.


Shopping item disapprovals summarises the most common scenarios when dealing with item (product) disapprovals. In order to check your items go to ‘Diagnostics > Items’. Here you will find disapprovals (red), warnings (yellow) and optimization tips (blue). If your items are still causing issues after a fix, please feel free to reach out to our Global Support team via this page.


Scenario 1: product disapproved because of missing or invalid images

Check the diagnostics tab to see if it is a generic image issue (it says ‘invalid, generic or missing image issue’, click the number under ‘affected items’) or a crawling issue (‘images cannot be crawled’).

  1. For generic issues check the image links to make sure: (a) the images are loading (no redirects, 404s) and are non-animated GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, or TIFF. (b) The images provided must correctly depict the product and not be placeholder images (e.g. images of the text "No image available," logos, or similar images). Read the full image requirements found here.
  2. For crawling issues check if the website’s robots.txt file is not blocking access to images. You can add the lines found here to make sure our bots have access. After making the changes it will take 48-72hrs before the images get crawled.


Scenario 2: One or more unique identifiers are missing

Unique product identifiers are product codes associated with an individual product or product variant. They uniquely and completely identify a product in the global marketplace.

  1. Check whether your products require unique identifiers, they don’t if they are custom made or produced before unique product identifiers were introduced (before 1970).
  2. For any items with ‘new’ condition and GTINs assigned by the manufacturer, submit unique product identifiers using these attributes: ‘gtin’ required, ‘brand’ required, ‘mpn’ recommended. Store brand items and other products for which you are the only seller generally don't have and won't be required to include GTINs. Note: adding the attribute ‘identifier exists’ with the value ‘false’ does not work for new products.
  3. In the rare situation where your product has neither a GTIN nor MPN (for example, made-to-order or handmade items), set ‘identifier exists’ to 'FALSE' to indicate that you have no identifier for the product.


Scenario 3: My products are temporarily disapproved for price or availability mismatch

  1. Check the product availability/price in your feed and compare it to the landing pages, correct the mismatches and re-upload (fetch) the feed. Consider implementing microdata, automatic item updates or online product inventory update feeds if temporary mismatches for price or availability occur often.


Scenario 4: One or more required attributes are missing

  1. Check the required feed attributes for the country you are advertising in here, our feed specification will provide more in-depth information around valid values for the attributes. Re-upload the feed after making the needed changes.


Scenario 5: Landing page Issues

The landing pages can be unavailable for Shopping due to three reasons:

  1. Google cannot crawl the pages: for crawling issues check if the website’s robots.txt file is not blocking access to pages. You can add the lines found here to make sure our bots have access. After making the changes it will take 24-48hrs before the pages will have been recrawled.
  2. Broken links: if URLs are not working please contact your web developer in order to fix them.
  3. Redirects should not be used, you can find specific information on this page.