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Set Your Christmas & Holiday Hours

With Christmas right around the corner and the shopping season getting into swing, make sure you have set your Christmas and Holiday Hours for your Google Business Page.


The last thing you want is for people to search for your business, only to show it as closed!


Set your Christmas & Holiday Hours


  1. Got to your Google My Business Dashboard
  2. Select : Manage Location
  3. Select: EDIT
  4. Scroll Down to Add Special Hours
  5. Add your Hours


Online Ownership   Dashboard.png



Scroll Down to Add Special Hours.

( You must have regular Hours set to be able to add special hours )


Charlie s Pine   Oak   Business Info.png



You can set additional extra opening hours ( two sets ) or closed on days that your set hours would show you as open.


Charlie s Pine   Oak   Business Info2.png



Prefer to watch on YouTube.




If you have any problems then feel free to post your problem on the Google My Business Help Forum or contact Business Support.


Wishing you a Great Christmas Trading!



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Tim Capper operates a bespoke Local SEO and Google Business consultancy in the UK, Online Ownership. As an experienced SEO consultant, Tim takes an honest, straightforward approach to helping your business stand out online .


I highly recomend doing this for all holidays! It's really helpful for customers and it takes a quick moment to update. 

Front D

Hi Tim,

How do I show that we will be closed additional days from what your Holiday Hours offer (e.g., the day BEFORE Thanksgiving and the WEEK of Christmas)? 

Barbara L

Just got a link to add holiday hours and after completing, it won't let me apply.  Says I need to enter valid times, which I did.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!


Tim Capper Top Contributor

Hi @Barbara L


Yes you do need to have regular business hours set, before you can set addittional holiday / special hours.


Log into your account dashboard >> https://business.google.com/manage/


Info Section >> Hours



Brittany M

I just wanted to know if the instructions you've mentioned still apply to me. There are two dealerships that will be changing into holiday hours for an extended period of time from Dec 1 - Feb 28. 


Does this mean I am forced to manually add in each date and time...?

Tim Capper Top Contributor

Hi @Brittany M


That is correct, unless its part of a bulk management account and you could amend via Spread Sheet.




There needs to be a way for Local Guides to add special hours. Can google look to add this

Tim Capper Top Contributor

Hi @Russell


That is pretty much impossible based on the way the GMB dashboard for the business works and special hours feature.


Equally I don't think its a wise idea for LG to go any where near special hours, there are enough problems with LG and incorrect data as it is already.

Carolyn H

@Russell Local Guides, really? Why?  I say no way.

January - last edited January

ok well obviously there is a feeling that the quality across local guides varies. I've not participated in the forums too much so wouldn't know to that degree. But fair enough, I see your points :)


But, flipside of this is that business who do not update their special hours will not be able to benefit. Local guides could help fill this gap, maybe certain levels and up only, or a special tag on the opening hours saying user submitted. Fine line I guess as to what is left to the business and community. Some owners may argue that none of it should be editable by anyone else. Could go on all day. Anyways, was just a small point. Gonna go back to day-to-day. Thanks for the input.