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Search Partners FAQs

It's important to understand that Search Partners includes a huge amount of websites, including YouTube and Google Maps. User intentions and behaviour on those websites may be different compared to on Google Search, so you may be surprised with the results. But not always in a bad way; some of those websites may have many banners or other information not related to your keywords, but they can still bring relevant traffic to your website. 


Should I enable Search Partners?
Yes, but you need to evaluate the results they bring to your business. You should experiment with them for some time before enabling this feature in all campaigns (enabled by default). It can be a good source of additional traffic, often with lower CPC. 


How should I evaluate their performance?
First of all, segment your traffic.



Then, check the results separately for each of the Search campaigns which you are running. Some campaigns may give you great results, but you may choose to disable it in others based on the results.


How can I enable/disable Search Partners?
You can look in your campaign's Settings tab, under All Settings:


search partners.png
Can I include or exclude specific search partners websites?
It's not possible.


I've noticed that the Search Partners CTR is much lower compared to results from Google Search in my campaigns. Can it influence my Quality Score?
No, your Search Partners CTR doesn't affect your Quality Score.



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Vladimir B
June 2016

I've noticed that Search Partner AOV (from GA) less that AOV from search traffic in same campaign, somebody see something like that?

Alexey C Rising Star
June 2016 - last edited June 2016

@Vladimir B good point. I've also noticed that Search Partner AOV is smaller compared to Google Search. But we can't be 100% about this trend as we don't have enough data to make statistically significant conclusion. Also I would also suggest to check Assisted conversion report in GA - in my case Search Partners have assisted in lot's of transactions and assisted conversion value will indicate if I should keep or exclude them. 


Vladimir B
June 2016

 I think user behavior related with it, a lot of time Serach PArtner instal this block in footer of ws.