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Search Network With Display Select – Should Small Businesses Use It?

Google has added a new campaign type in the AdWords interface:-Search Network with Display Select (SNDS).  Search Network with Display select has replaced  default campaign type “Search and Display Campaign”.




This type of campaign has been introduced in the view of two types of advertisers:

  • Advertisers who have  some "extra"  budget on search, that is not exhausted, and want to try and spend it on the display 
  • Advertisers who don't want to get into the complexity of the setting a display campaign


How SNDS is better than the old Search and Display Campaign:-


Predict the placement sites based on users Search Query:- Unlike the normal GDN campaigns, SNDS does not show ads to placement sites on the basis of content match. It matches the search query with the keywords and publishers sites and AdWords shows the ads on those publishers’ sites.


Keyword Contextual Targeting & Interest Signals:- SNDS  does not only shows ads  with respect of users search query based publishers sites but also it considers users behaviors or interests and uses contextual targeting to show the ads on the relevant placements sites, where users are likely to be convert.


Smart Pricing (Automatic Bid):- Smart Pricing models automatically adjust bids on publishers sites based on aggregated ROI. For example a Publisher site has poor conversion rate than the aggregated publishers sites, it automatically reduces the bids on that particular site.


Budget Allocation: - It works on the basis of Network Value based bid adjustments, so it automatically starts reducing the max CPC bids on the GDN, if your campaigns do not meet the advertising objective on GDN. Thus it controls and allocates the budget on the network in the view of providing higher ROI.


Features Not Available in the SNDS


Manual Bidding for Display Network:- If you choose Search Network with Display Select campaign type, you are not allowed to set separate bids for Display Network.


Remarketing for Display Network:- This campaign’s Setting does not allowed running the Display Remarketing ads. You can only run the Remarketing List for Search Ads.


Topic Targeting:- If you opt the SNDS campaign, you are not allowed to target the Topic Targeting.


Change Campaign Setting:-Once advertsiers opt this setting, they can changeit into only "Search Network only campaign".


Serach Network With Display Select.PNG


Closing Summary:- AdWords features three types of Campaigns  that are introduced in the view of all types of Advertisers. But I still prefer to run the separate Display and Search campaigns for better budget, bid or targeting control and visibility.  

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May 2014

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