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Save Your Time & Money with AdWords Automated Rules.

Google AdWords Users: Save Your Time & Money with Automated Rules.

Automated Rules, for those of you that are unfamiliar with this feature, are changes that will be performed automatically to the settings or objects in your account meeting a criteria you’ve specified.


There are a lot of different things you can automate with automated rules, all of which will save you countless hours and leave you more time to work on the important things for your account(s) such as competitor research, writing compelling ad copies and discovering new opportunities.



Here's some examples of automated rules I commonly use to make good use of my management time:


  • Pause or activate keywords/adverts/ad groups and/or campaigns for promotional events at specific times.
  • Pause under-performing keywords based on their performance over a period of time. (i.e. non-converting or converting above target CPA)
  • Pause under-performing adverts based on performance over a period of time (i.e. low CTR)
  • Increase/Decrease bids based on average position over a period of time.
  • Increase/Decrease bids based on the cost per conversion.
  • Increase/Decrease bids at certain times of the day.
  • Increase/Decrease daily budget on certain days of the week
  • Pause campaigns that have spent a certain budget before the end of the month.
  • Pause campaigns that have received a certain number of clicks or impressions.
  • Increase daily budget for campaigns that convert well.
  • Send an email to alert you to a change in performance


"How Do I Create Automated Rules?"

Automated rules can only be setup from the AdWords interface. Once your rules have been setup you can view/edit the rules and see the changes they’ve made under the ‘Bulk Operations’ menu. Please note – In the interests of client privacy I have removed any identifiable information from the screenshots in these instructions.

Step 1.

Select the items you want to apply the automated rules to - I've chosen all keywords in the account but you can chose just a handful of keywords or chose adverts, ad groups and campaigns.



Step 2.

Open the 'Automate' drop down menu in the AdWords interface. This is where you can chose what you want to do with your rules. In the demonstration I’m going to change the maximum CPC bids for my keywords based on their performance.


Step 3.

The automated rules menu will appear underneath the graph. This menu is where you are going to specify what you want to change, when you want to change it, what data you want to base the changes around.


Step 4.

Now you need to set out the criteria that the selected items need to meet in order for changes to be made. I’ve given two example rules below that are good to use in combination with each other.

This first rule is set to increase the maximum CPC of all keywords in the account by 5%  up to a maximum bid of £1.50 when the average position is lower than 2.5 and the CTR is less than 2%, using data from the last 14 days.




This second rule is set to decrease the maximum CPC of all keywords in the account when the average position is higher than 1.5 and the CTR is above 2%, using data from the last 14 days.step4.5


These two rules will work together to hold the average position of your keywords around position 2 and maintain a good average CPC – And just think about how much time you’ve saved now you don’t have to manually adjust individual keyword bids to maintain the same position. It doesn’t stop there either, as I mentioned before, you can create rules to change text adverts to display different messaging at different times of the day or different days of the week. You can also bid more aggressively during the times of the day with the highest conversion rates or the lowest cost-per-conversion - All of these will help you to squeeze every drop from your paid search campaigns by keep your account perfectly in line with current promotions or events and by saving you management hours which can be better spent on research and analysis.


And that’s it from me for now!


-  Happy PPC’ing!


Owner @ClickAhead | Google AdWords Expert | Paid Search Fanatic! I've been an AdWords user for around 7 years now. I love to help others solve problems so signing up to the AdWords Community seemed like an obvious choice. I now operate through my own agency ClickAhead. We're an innovative agency with a passion for helping small businesses to achieve great results from digital marketing.