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SVCSAPPS / CC@Google.com Credit Card Charges | #AdWordsAnswers


Hello AdWords Community!


This is Vatsal from the Google AdWords team and today, I’m going to be talking about a charge from Google that you may have seen on your bank or card statements.



Is SVCSAPPS an AdWords account charge?



SVCSAPPS is not an AdWords charge.



When are SVCSAPPS charges deducted from my account?



There are two reason when these charges are made on your account:


Google Apps for Work: Once your free trial is over and your paid subscription begins, we begin charging your payment method at the beginning of the following month. If your paid service begins in May, for example, we charge you at the beginning of June. After that, automatic charges continue to occur at the beginning of each month.


Domain Registration: We debit your account when you initially purchase your domain, then charge your payment method at the beginning of the following month. If your domain is set to auto-renew, we renew your domain 7 days prior to the annual renewal date and charge your payment method at the beginning of the following month.



What is Google Apps for Work?



Google Apps for Work (formerly Google Apps for Business) is a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software tools and software offered on a subscription basis by Google. It includes Google's popular web applications including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar, and Google Docs.



What is Domain registration?



When Google helps you purchase an available domain from one of their domain host partners or help you in setting up your Google services for that domain.



I did not apply for any of these services. How can I dispute the charges?



You can contact the Google Apps Team here by clicking on the “Contact Us” option. You can also use the Google for Apps Help Forum.



What might Google Apps payments look like on my credit card?





GOOGLE*SVCS[10-digit AdWords Customer ID]



GOOGLE*SVCS[10-digit AdWords Customer ID]

American Express






I am getting unauthorized charges from the Google Play store. I want to dispute those charges.



You can dispute your Google Play charges here.

I hope this helps. Feel free to leave a comment below in case you have any questions.


Happy advertising Smiley Very Happy


March 2016 - last edited March 2016 CassieH Community Manager

I am receiving SVCSAPPS charges for $24.00/mo. How do I cancel this charge? 


I do not have Apps for Work nor have a domain registered with Google. Can you please advise how to cancel these charges? Would cancelling my gmail account cancel the charges?

For the account: <edited by a Community Manager as noted below>


Thank you!



Note: this post has been edited by a Community Manager, per Community Posting Guidelines.

CassieH Community Manager
March 2016

@CCD I Please follow the instructions in Vatsal's post--You can contact the Google Apps Team here by clicking on the “Contact Us” option. You can also use the Google for Apps Help Forum.


Hope this helps!

Gareth F
May 2016

I have a number of charges I have spotted on my credit card totalling $600 for an adwords account that I do not have.


I have completed the form and have been exchanging correspondence with one of your employees but he is unable to do anything about it becuase I cannot provide the account details registered by the person who is fraudulently using my card! This is insane. I have provided him all of the details of the credit card which was used to prove it is mine but how am I supposed to know the domain name and company address that the fraudster has used??


Now I have to pay the $600, file a police report and wait 2 months for my bank to resolve it, with Google seemingly unable to do anything for me! This is unbeleiveable and a lot of money. Are Google going to pay me the interest on this when I can;t afford to pay it off my card for the next 2 months??


This is really unacceptable and I cannot find a way to contact anybody more senior to look into my case.

CassieH Community Manager
May 2016

Hi @Gareth F,


I'm sorry to hear about this frustrating situation. I am going to reach out to the folks you've spoken with on the AdWords Team and have them further investigate the issue. Please look out for follow-up communication from them.



Tasos K
May 2016

Dear Google, 


I am trying to cancel an old Google for Business charge for a domain that's not existing anymore. 


When I try to login on the Google Apps Admin, it asks for a Google for Work account to login, where none of my credentials work, therefore I am not in the position to even send an email using the "Contact Us" link. 


I have tried everything but it all ends in this fantastic loop of reaching nowhere.


However, I still get the €4 charge each month on my credit card by GOOGLE*SVCAPPS


Could you please assist me with resolving this issue?  


Thank you 


Manuel L
July 2016

 I need to change my VISA card for monthly charges and CANNOT find it anywhere !!! BADDD

Manuel L
July 2016

Can anyone help me ? from Google no one has been able to even answer.

Lenny H
July 2016

I've received 2 chages from Google and I don't know where they are coming from or how to cancel it. If I have a Google Apps account, I do not know how to access the admin login. 


GOOGLE *SVCSAPPS_inspi cc@google.comCA - $70

GOOGLE *SVCSAPPS_inspi cc@google.comCA - $10


Please advise.