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Resolutions 2014 of AdWords Manager


This Article is Co-Authored By @NehaGupta@theniks.


New Year is always about new start, new hope, new directions, new destinations. Almost everyone writes new year resolutions and in this article we are trying to draw parallels between most popular new year resolutions and how they can be applied in AdWords. Please treat this as Simile and don't think of AdWords managers (especially us) as fat spendthrifts Smiley Happy


Lose Weight and Get Fit: To draw parallel of this to AdWords, almost every AdWords account accumulates fat in way of keywords/placements/targets which are present in the account without adding any value to your account. While eating your budget and not contributing anything to conversions they are also adversely affecting the health of your account overall. To lose this unwanted weight we will keep an close eye on the account and lose this fat as soon as it starts to form rather gaining 10 KGs and then work double hard to lose it. Allocating sufficient time to each account and make necessary changes to keep all AdWords accounts fit and healthy.


Eat Healthier and Diet: Everything good in life is either illegal, fattening or bad, again to draw a parallel of this to AdWords is choosing of keywords/placements/targets with clear objectives thought behind the process rather than bulk uploading everything from keyword tool in to AdWords account. As we need healthy and clean food similarly AdWord accounts needs relevant keywords, placements, targeting and strategy.


Improve Quality of Life: While this is a very subjective point to draw an exact parallel in AdWords this can be compared with all mysterious “Quality score”. In real life as “quality of life” determines how happy a person is, in AdWords “Quality score” defined how happy the account (and in turn client) is. We are going to conduct tests with new quality score calculation methods and find out ways to improve overall quality score in our accounts.


Save Money: “A penny saved is a penny earned” We will try to find out ways to save money on unwanted clicks / impressions and the same money can be utilized for A/B testing and trying out ad innovations.


Learn Something New: Now in real life this resolution stays on paper in several cases but in case of AdWords this has become a must with the rate at which AdWords is changing. To draw a Parallel of this in to AdWords the amount of things that we have to learn are just endless

  1. Dynamic remarketing strategies
  2. Product listing campaign optimization
  3. Using offline conversions
  4. Using Calls as Conversions
  5. & many more.


Being Organized: No matter how organized we are - there are always scope to improve. We need to schedule tasks to manage AdWords account effectively. As with busy schedule and multiple client management at same time - it is obvious for account managers to miss tasks which can be bad for any AdWords account. We will prepare a list of task and follow to do list aggressively.  Few Examples:

- Every wednesday: Perform Placement Performance report

- Every Thursday: Perform Search Query Report

- Every Seven Days: Compare performance with previous seven days

- Byweekly: Adcopy testing & optimization.


We can prepare such list easily usingGoogle tasks andGoogle calendar.


Travel New Places: To draw a parallel of this to AdWords there are just so many places inside the AdWords which we must visit more often:

  1. Opportunities tab
  2. Flexible bidding strategies
  3. Search Funnels
  4. & More.


Being Social:Now being social in this context doesn't really mean going out looking for date but who knows you might even get that if you mingle with like minded people.  As AdWords is everchanging and account managers use different strategies. Mingling with these guys just keeps us learning all the time and sometimes also serves as awakening call when you are complacent. Best place to find these kind of people is ofcourse Official AdWords Community.   

Hope you can connect with the above resolutions! Happy New Year 2014! Wishing you all healthy life and healthy AdWords accounts.



This Article is Co-Authored By @Neha Gupta& @theniks.

about Neha Gupta

I live in New Delhi, India. I have been working on Paid Advertisement since 2010. I am Independent Paid Advertising Consultant & Also Providing Part Time Google AdWords Training. I am a keen learner & look forward to learning new things/strategies every day at the same time I like to help others to the best of my knowledge.

John Paul Google Employee
January 2014

@Neha Gupta@theniks,


I love this article! The use of analogies were especially relevant in the articles. Kudos and a good job to you both. 8)

Neha Gupta Top Contributor
January 2014

Thank you JP!! Smiley Happy

ScottyD Top Contributor
January 2014

Well written guys!

Ramesh K
January 2014

Thanks NehaGupta. Hope It's really useful to everyone... 

Neha Gupta Top Contributor
January 2014

Thanks Scott!!


@RAKESH K: Your Welcome. Theniks & Me tried best to make it helpful for community members!

Rakesh Kumar Top Contributor
January 2014
Very informative article guys. The way you presented the AdWords day to day works that match with our daily routine. If I am allowed to add more points, I would say 1. Keep the eye of your Enemy/ Neighbour's activity. Means We run the auction insight report to know where we are lacking with competitors. 2 Adjust your daily use item in particular place that makes your life easier. Same way try to use the Shared Library. So that you can easily share the negative keywords, placement exclusion, share same ads with multiple campaigns.
Neha Gupta Top Contributor
January 2014

Thanks Rakesh. You are welcome to add more points. Teamwork always produce better results!!!! Smiley Happy

January 2014

Hi All

Thanks for encouraging comments sorry i couldn't respond earlier as i was away for last few days.


January 2014

nice work

Neha Gupta Top Contributor
January 2014