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Remarketing & Why You Should Be Using It

Remarketing is a must for any marketer. What is Remarketing? Remarketing is the process of showing ads to users who have previously visited your site. See video below. As you can see in the video this is a great way to re-engage with your users to get them to come back to your site so that they can convert.  This post will give you a general overview of remarketing and give you a brief introduction on how to set up remarketing in your Adwords account.  Over the next few weeks we will be discussing the different ways that you can remarket in Adwords and here are the topics that we will be covering:

• Remarketing Lists for Search (RLSA)
• Search Companion
• Similar Audiences
• Dynamic Remarketing
• Video Remarketing

Remarketing is very simple to set up and the first step is to put either Adwords code or Google Analytics code on every page of your site.  This addition of code allows you to cookie the user to see how they interacted with your site so that you can remarket them properly.    Being able to understand how the user interacted with your site is a crucial component to developing re-marketing strategies.   The next thing you will want to do is to create segmented lists so that you can properly target users.   This can be done easily in Adwords and can be found in the Audience segment of the Shared Library. 


There are numerous ways that these lists can be created.  You can use product pages, category pages, users dropping out of the conversion process and Google Analytics metrics to name a few.  Here is an example of a list that we set up for an e-commerce client.   A user came to my site and went to visit a particular product page.  We would set up a list in Adwords that segments out those people that have viewed that particular product and would serve them a targeted ad.  The ad that we serve them would be about the product that that viewed with the intention to get them to re-engage with my site and buy the product.  This is a very important component of remarketing because you want to make sure that you are re-engaging with the users on products/services that they are interested in.   In addition, you can also set up custom combinations of these lists.  



Custom combinations allow you to exclude certain users from your remarketing campaigns.  This is another important component in your remarketing strategy.   I would want to make sure that I am excluding folks that converted on that particular product from my remarketing campaign and not waste money on someone who has already purchased the product.  Remarketing ads can be either image or text ads and both should be tested to see how they perform. 

Remarketing campaigns are a great way to re-engage with your customer and we have had a great amount of success with our remarketing efforts.  These campaigns are some of our best performing campaigns and I encourage everyone to test remarketing campaigns.



Be sure to join Yoshiko Ono, Google Business Development Manager, and Reid Valfer on Thursday, April 3 11am PDT to learn:

1. How you can implement Remarketing List for Search Ads in your client's campaigns.
2. What are qualities Rise deems important to excel as an agency
3. Best practices for other agencies

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Kandarp Thaker
May 2014

Great article, Reid! I am new in remarketing Concept. I am planning to start my own campaign to learn it. Anyway Thanks for the Great Article. Keep it up!

Juan C
January 2015

Very nice article.  I ma also new to remarketing and would like to learn how to implement.


Thank you -


Juan C