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Remarketing: Reconnecting with the One That Got Away


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Remarketing is a lot like dating….

Marketing can be a lot like dating. Timing, delivery, making an impression, and not being too stalker-like are all important in making your activity a success. Remarketing allows you to deliver ads to people who’ve encountered your site previously, but failed to convert. Much like meeting someone special that first time in a coffee shop, it may take that second “chance” encounter to finally light the spark.



Understand what you are looking for.

Uses for remarketing are dependent upon your goals as a marketer, much like choosing an online dating service depends on your goals in seeking companionship.

  • Getting high value customers to become returning, loyal customers (finding the most attractive partner).
  • Dynamic remarketing, showing the most relevant products (showing off your newest, latest talents and features).
  • Lead nurturing for longer sales-cycle products and services (working long and hard to ensure that someone playing hard-to-get still knows you’re interested).
  • Brand reinforcement (getting that “available” status out there to everyone).



Get to know them better.

Everyone has different timelines, and having a second look at the person of your interest ensures you know what you’re getting into, and more specifically, the value you can get in return. With remarketing, this can lead to greater efficiencies in reaching your customers, lower CPAs, better CTRs, and more efficient bidding within auctions.



Find something you both have in common.

Heading back to the coffee shop to drop in on our prospective new partner, we’ve hopefully learned a bit more about them now. How do they take their coffee? What kind of sites are they surfing while sipping a latte? Do they have good taste in music and shoes? With remarketing, you get the same kind of advantages, whether it’s incremental leads in sales by knowing who’s spending more, more bang for your buck through more efficient spend, get more aggressive in your competitive bidding, and experiment on broader terms with RLSAs. Remarketing implementation lets us continue the conversation longer, helping us with longer lead cycles and courtships.



At the end of the day, it’s all about connecting with someone!

Remarketing is a great strategy to have in your AdWords toolbox to increase brand awareness, increase conversion rates, and attract potential customers with more targeted ad copy. Whether you’re single, married, or just looking for that special someone to “Hangout” with, getting that second look will help guarantee the conversion you’re looking for.

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November 2014

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December 2014

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January 2015

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