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Recognize Success with Google AdWords

After your campaign has been running for some time, it's useful to take a step back and see whether you feel it has been a success or whether it needs further tweaking. In order to do this, you must first determine what success means for you: you may want to increase online sales, improve brand awareness or increase your return on investment. Once you have decided your end goal, you can look at specific metrics to determine the success of your campaign.
Improvement in sales: In order to monitor the impact of your AdWords campaign on your sales, I recommend you look at the following metrics. 
1) Conversion Tracking - This will enable you to track the number of people who click on your ad, go to your site and visit a valuable page. For example, if you set up Conversion Tracking on the "Thank page" that displays on your website after a user makes a purchase, you can effectively track the number of clicks which have generated sales online. If you don't sell your products online, you can also track the number the number of visits to a page that you deem valuable such as an enquiry form or a sign up to a newsletter.
2) Google Forwarding Phone Number - This is a fantastic feature! If you enable this in your account, you can track the number of times your phone number was shown, the number of calls that came through the ad, what device the calls were made through, as well as many more interesting metrics.
Increased brand awareness:  In order to monitor the impact of your AdWords campaign on the awareness of your brand, I recommend you look at the following metrics. 
1) Impressions - This statistic will show you how many people have seen your ad online within a set time frame.
2) CTR- Clickthrough Rate (CTR) will show you the number of users who have clicked on your ad after seeing it online. From this, you should be able to gauge whether you are targeting the right audience. 
Improvement in ROI: In order to monitor the impact of your AdWords campaign on your Return on Investment, I recommend you look at the following metrics. 
1) Conversion Tracking & Analytics - These tools will be able to show you which ads and keywords are the most popular and profitable. Using this knowledge, you should be able to allocate your budget accordingly.
I hope you found this useful and your campaign is on track to becoming a success! If you are interested, you can find more detailed information about this subject here.

December 2012

yes that would be true to assess your ads performance

December 2012

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Victor Magnes
December 2012

I have a online jewellery store for the last 14 months for six months I ran it myself working on keywords paying my clicks had regular calls and some sales.


I handed my business over to a media company for the last 8 months working with SEO and PPC trying to build the click conversation to sales with about 260 clicks a month I am getting about average 5 sales and I feel its missing some thing either on my landing page or ad company are not keeping me consistent in the right pages..


Now my account has been changed to a MCC account manager and its blocked me from seeing what’s going on behind the door.


Now being Dec Month I spent quite a lot of money thru ppc side and they did the seo work and number of sales where low and my prices are very good as I am a mnf jeweller.


 I don’t understand fully what’s causing this issue.

December 2012

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llyons26 Google Employee
December 2012

Hi Victor,


Thanks for your comment. I would recommend requesting access to your account so you can use the reports to find out which keywords and ads are performing well. This information can be found on the Campaigns page.


I would also recommentd that you use Google Analytics to find out where users might be dropping off on your website so that you can spend time improving these pages. 


Hope this helps!



Monica H
May 2013

Hi Laura,


We are a professional service provider and the first step for any new client is to book a consultation with us.


We began advertising with Google Adwords about a month ago.  Initially, I was thrilled with the high number of new clients who were booking consultations with us...until I realized that the vast majority of them were "unqualified" candidates.  In other words, most of them were simply not a good fit for our business.


Now I find that we are spending an enourmous amount of time and money on consultations with clients who will never book a service.  I have reviewed our ads, to make sure we are as clear as possible about what we are offering.  I have reviewed our website to make sure that we describe our services as clearly as we can.


Have you heard of anyone with this problem before?  Can you make any suggestions about how to filter out the duds and book only the most qualified prospects?