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Raise bids to show your ads more often than advertisers like you



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Overview of raising bids option


Raising bids can be extremely helpful in increasing the exposure the advertiser gets by increasing the ad impressions and hopefully gaining better results.

How do I/my clients raise bids to show ads more often than competitors?


Before just increasing the bids, we should consider some of the other factors:

  • Is there sufficient budget to support the increase in expected spend?

  • Check if you are currently missing out on the impressions.

  • Decide on the timing: do you want it at all times, only during opening times etc.

Once we went through the above, we could manually raise the bids, or set up automated rules to manage the bidding for us.


Why do I think raising bids can be sometimes helpful?


Raising the bids can be helpful if we are missing out on ad impressions.

If you’ve already optimized the ad, created the best landing page to get the QS as high as you can, then the next action is to increase the bid.


How did raising bids help me/my client be more successful with AdWords?


Raising the bids should increase the impressions, and should increase the positions, lead to higher CTR, and better results.

Mamta I
July 2014

Hello Agata


Nice article. But when we raise bid  it also effects on CPC. What we should do to reduce CPC.


Thanks & Regards

CocoP Community Manager
July 2014

Hi there,


One thing you can do to potentially lower your CPC is work on improving your Quality Score. Here's an article that our Community really likes on how to improve Quality Score.


There are lots of other ways you can optimize your campaign (keywords, ad copy) that can result in lower CPCs. If you have questions about any of those, just start a new thread on the Community. We'd love to help!