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RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads)

If you haven’t heard of RLSA campaigns or don’t have them included in your account then there is a very good chance that you are missing out. It could be that source of extra conversions you have been looking for without the need of investing precious hours of time and effort.


What is RLSA?


Excited yet? Well before you rush to implement them within your account let me explain exactly what a RLSA campaign is as it won’t necessarily fit everyone’s marketing goals. Similar to Remarketing on the Display Network, Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) is a feature which gives you the opportunity to customise the content of your Search Network ads along with keywords and bids to people who have already visited your website in the past.


How Can RLSA Benefit You?


Why is this so special I hear you ask? Well for a few reasons really. First consider the potential of what can be done with ads which will only be shown to people who have already visited your website and are aware of what you are offering there. You could personalise the ad content for example to give them a gentle reminder to not forget about your great prices or perhaps you’d like to entice them back with a special discount in the form of a code or alternative landing page? If you are familiar with Remarketing then you will already have a good idea of which ads do and don’t work for your business and the same will most likely apply with RLSA.


The advantage doesn’t stop there however. With website visitors sectioned off in this manner you can afford to include much more generic keywords as they have already shown an interest in your products and / or services. Let’s say someone searches for a “tennis racket” for example, they have a look at your website but navigate away without converting as they aren’t prepared to make a final decision yet. The next day they want to check the “tennis scores”; your RLSA campaign has “tennis” as a broad match keyword so this previous potential customer is now presented with your ad reminding them about their need for a new tennis racket or even a discount if they return to your website. As you can see this is an excellent way to recapture potentially interested traffic.


I know you might be eager to add RLSA to your account but let me first explain the final way you can get the most from it. Consider the fact that you now have a group of people who have been on your website and are close to converting with you but first want to browse around before sealing the deal. You have the ability to tailor your bids specifically to these individuals which means you can increase them as far as you wish to ensure you are not forgotten due to a slip in ad position for example.


Getting Started with RLSA


Combine these three advantages of using RLSA campaigns and you can see why there is a great opportunity to improve your overall total number of conversions!


To get started with RLSA follow the instructions found at the bottom of this article provided by the official Google AdWords Help Centre. If you already use RLSA or start to see results from starting to use it then please don't forget to share a comment down below with the rest of the community Smiley Happy

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Jithin C
September 2014
I got two adwords campaigns running right now and my remarketing list is 7 days old. But the list was created with the option of display select. Can this list be used for RLSA?
ScottyD Top Contributor
September 2014

Hi Jithin,


You can indeed Smiley Happy

Shweta B
September 2014

Fab Article , I enjoyed reading same , Thank you Scotty for great info !

Klehm A
October 2014

Can Remarketing Lists for Search Ads be used by Google Grants for non-profits?

I would love to utilize Remarketing.

sreeraam p
October 2014

this seems to be amazing site, i liked it.



Sreeraam p

sreeraam p
October 2014

In the beginning it was bit difficult for me to understand, had gorn through all the steps very carefully, now it is on the tip of my finger.



Arun Jha
December 2014
Good Article - Thanks for sharing..