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Promotional Codes on AdWords | #AdWordsAnswers


Hi AdWords Community,


I’m Priyanka from the AdWords team, and I’d like to share some information about Google AdWords Promotional Codes today!


Let’s start off with the most obvious question: what is a Promotional Code and how can I get one for my account?

A Promotional Code, or Promo Code as it is often referred to, is a code that can be used to generate a credit on an AdWords account. This credit can then be used for future advertising costs, once any fulfillment or eligibility rules are met.

While there’s no way to proactively obtain a Promo Code, we often reach out to advertisers  (mostly new advertisers) with these special offers. AdWords Promo Codes are also sometimes shared through our partners.

That sounds great! But what are these eligibility and fulfillment rules?

Eligibility rules determine whether or not your specific account can redeem the promo code. These rules can be related to account age, billing country, and code expiration date.

Fulfillment rules, on the other hand, explain what you as an advertiser might have to do in order to receive the credit mentioned in the code. For example, a promotional code may offer a $75 credit once an account has spent $25 after applying the code.

These rules are outlined along with each individual promotional code.

I have my Promo Code, and I’m excited to add it to my eligible account! What’s the next step?

Once you have your code:


  1. Head over to the Billing section of your account by clicking on the gear shaped icon in the top right hand corner.
  2. Click on the Manage Promotional Codes button in the middle of the page
  3. Select the red +Promotional Code button
  4. Enter the code in the exact format in which you received it (Be sure to check for any capital letters and dashes)
  5. Hit Save


And you’re all set to use your promo code! The credit will be applied to your account after you meet the fulfillment rules, if any.

Tip: The “History” tab on the top of the page is where you can see any promo codes you might have applied in the past. You can also monitor the progress of the credit here.

I tried to apply my code, but it’s getting rejected and I see error messages! What should I do now?

There are multiple reasons why the code you’re entering might not be accepted by the account. Here are a few of them:

  • Invalid code: While typing out the code, you might have made a typo or not copied the exact formatting.
  • Ineligibility: Depending on the rules of the code, your account may not be eligible to use it.
  • Expired code: Codes typically come with an expiration date by which they must be used.
  • Applied in another account: Codes can’t be shared across multiple accounts and can only be used once.


You can check out this step-by-step guide to fixing your promo code issue with our handy troubleshooter. It covers various situations you might face while applying the code and tips on fixing issues, if any.


Still got a question? Leave them in the comment section below and we’ll be happy to sort them out for you. As always, feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss any issue you’re facing with promo codes. Here’s how you can get in touch: https://goo.gl/bdJVy

Hope this article was helpful!


Ansh G
June 2016

i wan to create tech support campaign. what policy i have o follow:

Amy H Rising Star
June 2016

This is great! Really helpful. Clients seem to love this idea more and more.

DealsMarket S
July 2016

After I am using Google Adwords for at least 2 months , I haven't received any Promotional Code from Google in my Account. I have already paid 200euros for campaigns. Can I fill form somewhere?


Best Regards