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Personalised Advertising - What is allowed? | #AdWordsAnswers


I'm Archita from the Google AdWords team, and today I will be walking you through the rules, rationale and scope of personalized advertising (formerly known as interest-based advertising).


What is personalized advertising and why does it impact me?


As the name suggests, personalized advertising is a targeted form of advertising that improves the relevance of an ad for users. By targeting a user by information such as gender or interests, you can produce more useful ads. However, many times ads or remarketing lists get disapproved for personalized advertising. Read on to learn why this happens and how you can get started resolving these issues.


Why are ads disapproved for personalized advertising?


When you use data to provide more relevant content to users, it is extremely important to consider how you provide and use that information. Owing to the sensitive nature of such information, we have certain policies in place to ensure we are upholding the highest policy standards for users and advertisers alike and user sensitivity is protected. Advertisers can’t use sensitive interest categories to target ads to users or to promote products or services. Sensitive interest categories fall under three policy principles:


  1. Personal hardships


We do not want users to see ads that exploit their personal struggles or difficulties, so we do not allow advertising based on such hardships.





Ad examples

Personal health conditions

Diabetes, arthritis, or treatment for sexually transmitted diseases

Negative financial status

Bankruptcy services, homeless shelters


Divorce services, family counseling services


  1.  Identity and belief


We want ads to reflect user interests, and not personal interpretations of their identity. Hence we do not allow ads related to any user’s identity and belief.


Ad examples

Race and ethnicity

Racially or ethnically oriented publications, racial or ethnic dating

Religious beliefs

Places of worship, religious guidance

  1.  Sexual interests


We understand that sexual interests are inherently private, hence we do not allow ads related to sexual interests.


Ad examples

Sexual orientation

Information about revealing your homosexuality, gay dating

Transgender identification

Information about gender transitioning, transgender discrimination lawyers

My ad has been disapproved for personalized advertising. How do I fix it?

  1. Know the policy: Know what we allow and what is prohibited. Please ensure that your ads comply with our policies. You can read more about them here.
  2. Remove specific content from your ad: Edit your ad content to ensure the information in your ads comply with our policies. Once your ads have been edited, we will review them again to check if they comply with our policies.
  3. Remove specific content from your site: If your domain is suspended for violating these policies, you may need to remove all content that violates these policies in order for your domain to be eligible for advertising again. Once you have done so, please request a review of your website here.


Please feel free to to leave a comment below to let me know of any questions.




Akash G
September 2016

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