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Optimize your campaign: Questions for an AdWords Specialist

Thanks to everyone who was able to join Hangout Office Hours! We had a great discussion with a lot of really insightful questions. Keep an eye on the +Google Ads ( page as well as right here in the Community for announcements regarding future Office Hour sessions.

Here's a recap, broken down by question difficutly, for anyone who was unable to join:



Q: What is AdWords?

A: AdWords is Google’s advertising product that allows you to show advertising for your business either in search results or on sites in the Google Display Network.


Q: I tried AdWords once, but I didn’t get a good response. What should I do differently?

A: It may be necessary to regularly make changes to your ads and keywords to ensure that you’re reaching your targeted audience. If you want some help with making sure your account is optimized, please reach out to our support team to get some acccount-specific suggestions:


Q: Do you have any success stories of people using AdWords? 

A: You can read a few business success stories from our AdWords Community here:


Q: Do AdWords ads only appear on other people’s blogs? Or do they appear when you’re searching on Google?

A: They could appear in both places. Ads can appear above, beside, and below organic results on Google Search (we also have search partners that show Google ads with their search results). And they can also appear on various sites on our Google Display Network, which does include a variety of blogs.



Q: Are you able to see past auction prices?

A: Because your bids aren’t the only thing that determines competitiveness in the ad auction, we don’t show auction information. However, you can see the first page bid estimate in your account, which is an estimate of the bid you likely need to set in order for your ad to be shown on the first page of search results. You can also use the Bid Simulator to see the impact that various CPC bids will have on your traffic. Learn more at


Q: How can I make my ad have a better position than others on a Google search?

A: Your ad’s position in search is the result of two things: bid and quality score. If increasing your bid to a more competitive level, we recommend revising your campaign structure to improve relevance and increase quality score. Organizing your campaign into tightly themed ad groups is a great first step in this process. Learn more here



Q: How can I optimize my bidding strategy for PLAs?

A: With PLAs, you’re able to see how many conversions you’re getting for a particular auto target. You can increase or decrease your bid based on how many conversions you’re getting.

We show your PLAs based on the attributes you have set up in your Merchant Center feed. You can check out the Search Terms Report in your AdWords account to see what kinds of queries your attributes match to. And if you find irrelevant queries on there, you may want to utilize negative keywords.


Q: Are there any plans to allow experiments with sitelinks? I would like to put up two different sets of sitelinks and compare them.

A: At this point, no, but we really appreciate the feedback. You can always submit feedback and ideas via this form:


Q: Can you talk about bid adjustments with Enhanced Campaigns?

A: Bid adjustments are a new feature with Enhanced Campaigns that allows you to bid up or down based on device, user location, and time of day. You can read a lot of information about the new feature here:



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