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Optimize your ad rotation to show your best ads and get more clicks



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Overview of ad rotation


Following Google best practices, advertisers should always create more than one ad per ad group in order to gather insights into messaging performance. Google AdWords uses the ad rotation setting, specified by the advertiser, to rotate the ads either evenly or optimized.


Even ad rotation means that all ads within an AdGroup are served equally, regardless of performance. Alternatively, with optimized ad rotation Google will serve the highest performing ads more often. Depending on the setting it will be either optimized to clicks or conversions.


How do I/my clients optimize ad rotation to show best ads and get more clicks?


In order to optimize for clicks, it is important to create a variety of ads (typically 3-4 per ad group) with different messaging and call to action. The next step would be for the advertiser to select the optimized ad rotation setting (selecting clicks as the key metric).


Once the ads have gathered sufficient impressions and clicks to be statistically significant, Google’s optimization algorithm will automatically begin serving the ads with the highest CTR most frequently.


It is important to look at the percentage served metric in the ads tab to identify the best and worst performing ads.


The PPC managers responsibility is to remove the bad performing ads (lowest percentage served) and iterate on the best performing ads. This optimization process is critical and should be repeated on a regular basis.


Why do I think ad rotations can be helpful?


Ad rotations can be extremely helpful in testing ad messaging and call to action. We strongly recommend that when testing, even distribution is selected in order for the test to be fair. It is important to note that once testing is completed, the optimized setting should be reactivated.


This strategy can be used to increase the overall CTR, Quality score, conversion rate, revenue, etc., across the whole account.


How did optimizing ad rotation help me/my client be more successful with AdWords? 


Ad rotation has been used across all our client accounts, helping to identify how consumers have responded to creative messaging and ultimately increasing return on investment. Additionally, it allows our clients to recognize trends in customer behavior.

Sabih Ahmed
September 2014

Thanks Agata for the useful piece of advice.