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Not all Conversions are Created Equal.

If our site is an eCommerce site then we are likely to have a conversion that tracks sales. but we might also have a conversion for visitors that downloaded our Buyer’s Guide pdf. Or those that signed up to receive our newsletter… and the list goes on.

When we want to compare conversions we really should compare apples to apples. If we are measuring leads and inquiries as conversions alongside sales, it can sometimes be hard to get a clear picture of which conversions are triggered since AdWords groups them all together. But as we know, not all conversions are created equal. A pdf download is not worth the same to us as a sale. A newsletter sign up is nice to have, but may not be as strong a benchmark as the download, and so on.

Not a problem - we can segment by conversion name or type- at least the system suggests we can - but anyone who has tried will know that at first sight the segmentation simply doesn't work.

So what to do...?

Here's what we might see in a typical account:



There are two conversions here that clearly have different conversion rates and very different values to us as a company. The “contratado” conversion is a visitor who has actually completed a sale whereas the “datos conductor” conversion is someone who started completing the forms, but abandoned at some point in the process.

In this example the Lead is great to have, but the Sale is the gold. We could give them each a value, but only the Sales lead would be accurate, and even if we did this the total value would be displayed in the reports.
And when we try and segment as AdWords suggests - nothing happens - here's the process:




The missing link is in the columns.

Edit your columns to include the Conversions (many per click) column and then segment again - voila! - your conversions are now segmenting by name or by tracking purpose:




And knowing which are apples and which are oranges gives us a greater insight into campaign performance.

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I have worked in Sales & Marketing since before the internet... and am a Certified Google Partner. I bring solid business acumen and a data driven approach to online marketing, understanding that every penny needs to pull its weight. I am available for both Consulting and Management and can be reached at

Rupesh Chhabra
December 2013

Well Written and Explained Perfectly


Thanks Stickleback



Rupesh Chhabra

stickleback Top Contributor
December 2013

Smiley Very Happy Thanks!