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2.6K members online now
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Community Manager

New AdWords Community features

Hi Community Members,

Based on your feedback, we are constantly working on feature improvements to make this Community better. We are pleased to let you know that we've released these four new features.

1. Spell Check: Spell check is a tool that will flag misspelled word(s) when you type a question or post a reply. When you write your text, you’ll need to click on the spell check button. The misspelled word(s) will get underlined in red, and you’ll be able to correct the misspelling(s) based on the list of suggestions from the tool. Please note that your default spell check language is based on the community language you’ve selected in My Settings.

2. ‘Try It Now’ button for Posts with accepted solution: You might wonder what is ‘Try It Now’ button. The purpose of this button is to allow you an easy and fast access to your AdWords account when you need it. That’s why we’ve added ‘Try It Now’ buttons automatically to the posts where a solution is offered. This way you can decide to take an action and try new ideas or features directly from the Community.

3. Drop-down menu for creation of ‘Try It Now’ button in User Articles: In the second paragraph, I’ve explained what is the purpose of the ‘Try It Now’ button. Because we want to make it easy for you to access your AdWords account in one click, we’ve also added ‘Try It Now’ buttons to the user articles. When a member of this Community with specific rank permissions prepares an article, s/he will get to choose the adoption URL from the drop-down menu, eg. Campaign Tab. When an article gets published, a ‘Try It Now’ button automatically appears at the end of it.



4. Easier access to My Discussions, My Subscriptions and Unanswered Threads: At the bottom of the home page you’ll find a widget, that will give you a quick access to your discussions as well as subscriptions. At the same time, you can see all the posts that are awaiting a response. if you want to contribute and help others this is a great place to start. Smiley Happy


We hope you’ll enjoy these new features. If you’d like to leave us your feedback, please, post it in the Comments area below.

Thank you!

December 2012

Hi Zee.  Great tips and information.  THANKS!

Zee Community Manager
December 2012

Thanks, Design. Glad that you find it useful. Smiley Happy

Goh T
June 2015
Thanks.. For your support .