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Most common AdWords questions: You asked - we answered

Thanks to everyone who was able to join Hangout Office Hours on Wednesday! We had a great discussion with a lot of really insightful questions.


We'll be hosting Office Hours again this Wednesday, July 17, at noon PDT. You can RSVP here or just check out the +Google Ads page at that time, if you want to join.


Here's a recap for anyone who was unable to join last week's Office Hours:


What is quality score?

Quality score is a metric that we use to measure relevance. It looks at how relevant your keyword, ad and landing page are to the user’s search and is calculated every time your ad is triggered by a user search. To calculate Quality Score, we look at a number of different things related to your account, like your CTR, account history, targeted devices and more.


Quality Score is very important because it impacts where your ad appears in the search results and helps us to ensure that the most relevant ads are shown to our users. For more information, see this helpful video.


What date is the auto-upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns?

The Enhanced Campaigns auto-upgrade will be rolling out globally on July 22, 2013. For more information about how this will impact your campaigns, see this blog post.


Why can't you target more specifically than country in Greece? Are you guys working on improving location targeting down to the city in more European countries?

We’re always working on improving and refining our targeting options to better serve our advertisers. Within Greece, to target a specific location, you need to target by intent (i.e. include the location name as a word within the keyword phrase).


For more information about this advanced targeting setting, see this article.


How important is landing page experience?

Landing page experience is a really important component of quality score. We want to make sure our users get a really high quality experience when they click on an ad, so your site’s landing page quality is one of the factors we consider when we calculate Quality Score.


Apart from making sure that your site complies with our landing page site quality guidelines and policies (see this article for these details), having a high quality landing page also means that users will be more likely to convert from a click into a customer.


What is the support phone number?

Phone support numbers vary depending on your location. For a list of our contact options in your area, check out this article.


What is more important, a specific landing page or sending people to a full and more general homepage?

This definitely depends on your keyword, but you should always bring users to the most relevant page for their search. Broad or branded keywords are best directed to your homepage since the user has indicated that they’re looking for you, but not necessarily any specific product or service.


If a user is looking for one specific product or service offering, it’s best to bring them exactly to where they’re looking to go, making it easier for them to convert into a customer.


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Nancy B
September 2013

is there an extra charge for pone support, seems that the bid price goes up when u put the google extension for phone number?

CocoP Community Manager
September 2013

Hi Nancy,


There's no additional fee if you utilize the Google forwarding number instead of your own phone number for call extensions.


There used to be, but not anymore! Hope that helps.

James V
September 2013

Hello as you said the qulity score and landing page plays major role in adwords, we have a landing page but this not converting lead in much manner what i have to do to improve my laning page experience ,If i contact support also they cannot explain me as much i expect . This is our landing page

http://www.agriya.com/products/kickstarter-clone help me to get out of this 

CocoP Community Manager
September 2013

Hi James,


It's a little hard to say what users may not be liking about this landing page if they aren't converting. What I'd recommend is utilizing a tracking product like Google Analytics (google.com/analytics) to see which pages users are responding to on your site and get a holistic picture about how users are arriving to your site and how they're navigating it. You can even use the in-page analytics report to see where people click on your page.


Another feature in Analytics is Content Experiments, so you could run different versions of your landing page to see which one has better results.


Hope that helps!