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Mobile Week: Why is Mobile So Important?

Why is Mobile So Important?

(why Advertising Should Be Optimized For Mobile & A Checklist For Mobile Preferred Ads)

Full infographics is available here.

Mobile Ad Spend still lags behind Mobile Media Consumption

56% of time spent on digital media is spent on non-voice mobile activities

UK adults spend  2hrs 26min per day on mobile

48% consumers start mobile research with a search engine 

How your content, product pages and layout appear on mobile will affect your ad performance

2.1x more likely a user will convert on a mobile optimized site

8% bounce rate increase for each :01 delay in load time

Checklist for Tailoring Mobile Ads


  • Tailor ad formats: tie creatives to keywords and display URLs, this has shown to lift ad CTR by 15% and 8% respectively
  • Include a mobile specific CTA from your LP and include one USP in the headline and description - make these two complete and separate sentences
  • Create 3-4 ad variations to test performance over time
  • Implement mobile-preferred extensions such as sitelinks, call,  review and location extensions to increase CTR
    • Base your bid on aiming to appear in the top 2 rankings