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Mobile Week: How To Drive Downloads Of Your App

Driving Downloads Of Your App & Choosing The Right Campaign Type For Your Needs 

Mobile App Usage increased by 58% in 2015. With mobile users spending so much time on their apps, let’s look at how you can promote yours. AdWords can find the best customers for you and focus ads on people who don’t yet have your app- through Mobile App Install Campaigns!

Why Use Mobile App Install Campaigns


featuredcontent_many_people.pngGoogle  has 1.17 billion monthly unique users – making it one of the most promising channels for reaching potential app users. You can place app install ads within Google’s Search Network, Display Network or Video Network (ie. YouTube).


With Google Mobile App Install Campaigns, you can create custom app install ads that run exclusively on phones and tablets- leading people straight to your app download page! Improve your app store ranking, which in turn results in even more app downloads.


*Keep in mind: If you have both an iOS and Android app, you’ll need to set up separate campaigns as each will link to the specific store.

Mobile App Installs V Universal App Campaigns


  • With Mobile App Install campaigns control your entire campaign. Promote your app on a single network (Search, Display or YouTube) to drive app installs.
  • Bid strategies: CPC, CPV (YouTube only)
  • Where ads can show: Display Network, Search Network (including Google Play Search for Android apps), or YouTube

Click here for step by step instructions on how to set-up App Install Campaigns.


  • With Universal App campaigns you can simplify your app install campaign management. Promote your Android app across multiple networks within a single campaign.
  • Bid strategy: Target CPA
  • Where ads can show: Google Play, Google search, YouTube and Display Network publisher websites and mobile apps.

Click here for step by step instructions on how to set-up Universal App Campaigns



Florian B
May 2017

Hi, quick question. 

When I set up an Mobile App Install campaign for Search and just have an Android app, is Adwords automatically showing the ads just to Android users? Cause there is no option to select just Android users in mobile app install campaigns for search.