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Mobile Week: How Mobile Friendly Is Your Site?

How mobile friendly is your site?

(Check how mobile friendly your site is on:


 Common errors and what they really mean!

  • Text too small to read
  • Mobile viewport not set
  • Links too close together 








Text too small to read

6222850-activity-pencil-icon.pngUse a font size of at least 14, if a user has clicked on an ad and then struggles to read the font, they are more likely to “bounce” off the page, or fail to read your messaging on the site. This could potentially affect your conversion rate, because less people will end going through your entire conversion funnel.

Mobile viewpoint not set

This sometimes cryptic message is actually a really important one to be aware of!


People browsing on mobiles and tablets are becoming more and more of the6207145_EducationTips_Icon.png norm for how people search for your business offerings. This warning highlights that your site isn’t specifying how it should display on a mobile/tablet device. That means that someone coming onto your website may find that certain parts of the page are hidden or don’t immediately appear without horizontal scrolling.


For a technical overview on how to get the page to display the intended way check out our resources on ‘configuring the viewport’ here.



Links too close together

You want to make sure that a customer navigating your site finds it straightforward to get to your buy now page / onto your contact page / to convert / to register their interest / to sign up. If the Links too close together alert is flagged, in the mobile friendliness tool, this could suggest that your websites users are finding it difficult clicking certain buttons and may accidentally perform the wrong action on your site.


Make sure your Buy Now / Sign Up / Enter Form button is clearly defined and has enough padding around it from the other buttons. This can help to improve the Conversion Rate and stop people leaving your site too soon.


If you’re interested there’s more of a detailed overview on sizing tap touches here.

For even more technical insights into your site try using this tool:

 Full infographics is available here.