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Misleading Content | AdWords Policy Help

Posted on behalf of the Google Ads Policy Team




Hi Adwords Community,


This is the second article of a series of posts regarding AdWords policies, common disapproval reasons and how you can work on avoiding these disapprovals.


Misleading content is a part of our Misrepresentation policy. This policy exists because we don’t want users to feel misled by ads on the Google Network, and to make every effort to ensure content served through that ad network allows only honest, upfront information, so users may make informed decisions.


What if my website is disabled for misleading content - but I do not think I’m “misleading” anyone? 

It may be possible that the claims you’ve made are atypical or cannot be verified scientifically. Thus, appropriate changes would need to be made so that we can give users accurate and reliable information. This will not only increase the trust factor of the user in your products or services, but also help us build a safe advertising ecosystem for advertisers and users.


Diving right into the thick of things, we’ve classified some of the most common types of claims we see below and the actions that you may need to take to be compliant with this policy.


These are just representative examples and may not cover all scenarios.



Areas of Concern


Misleading or exaggerated claims that are unlikely to deliver on their promise

Would not be allowed

Testimonials or endorsements which imply results are typical (something that every user can expect)

Include links to third-party verification and/or include relevant and noticeable disclaimers


Allowed only when linked to a clear and accessible money-back policy

Scientifically improbable claims such as cures for incurable ailments

Would not be allowed

Promotions that may mislead or trick users into clicking on them

Would not be allowed



So, to summarise:

  1. Make sure you check all pages of your website for similar claims.
  2. Add disclaimers wherever necessary and remove the non-compliant claims.
  3. Ensure you familiarise yourself with our help centre pages on each of our policies


It’s is important to remember that the above information is our attempt to discuss compliance with the AdWords Community and should not be treated as a substitute for the policies outlined on our help centre pages.


We hope this post helps you with site disapprovals and improving transparency for users and customers. Please continue leaving your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.


Ads Policy @ Google

Ankit D
September 2016
Is google policies are fair for every user then why many of users continue to violate policies and still active on the Big Network.
CassieH Community Manager
October 2016

@Ankit D You can report ads that violate our policies here: https://support.google.com/adwords/troubleshooter/4578507?rd=1

Paula R

Where can we report out of date information that Google picks up in it's searches?  


We are suffering from misleading and out of date information being scooped up from the Tripadvisor site about our guest house.


I Google search our business several times a year using 'The Wimslow Morecambe' and Google is picking up an out of date review (2012) saying we are dog friendly off the TripAdvisor website, we have not been dog friendly for well over two years now. It appears on the Google search, front page. People are being mislead by this old review - TRIPADVISOR will not take it down as they insist ALL REVIEWS STAY ON THEIR SITE FOREVER UNLESS WE SELL THE BUSINESS OR CONDUCT A MAJOR RENOVATION (duh!).


They are proliferating out of date info through the web and Google are unwittingly facilitating them at this time.


I need Google to look into this - to at least find a way to filter old dud info out of the search results.


As Google is supposed to like to keep quality and relevance in their content I thought I'd flag it but the feedback on adwords form does not accept the links I have pasted in, so will not submit my feedback. Anyone any idea how I can contact the Team ???  I have the emails to and from TripAdvisor - I am currently incredulous at TripAdvisor - as usual.  Their policies will junk their brand over time.

James_Clemens Top Contributor

HI @Paula R,


Your issue is not related to Google AdWords, so there is nothing to do here. 


Please make a post in the Google My Business community


Kind Regards,



I am getting flagged for misleading content - but cant seem to understand why. There is literally nothing misleading about my ad or the landing page created for which the ad is directed. I have modified the page and ad several times, but cant seem to figure out where ANY misleading content can be. A general flag which could be interpreted any which way is really no way to serve customers. It makes for guess work and complicates a very simple problem. 


It cant be the ad, because after trying to modify the text several times, i decided to just copy a competitors ad that was approved... still, no dice. 


Please tell me exactly what is wrong so I can fix it and spend my saturday with my family, instead of throwing darts in the dark and guessing what is wrong with my ad. Thank you, Johnny 


Landing Page


Hi Johnny,


Please make a new thread in this AdWords community: https://www.en.advertisercommunity.com/t5/Ad-Approval-Policy/bd-p/Policies and we will be able to discuss what could be happening. 


These articles are not the best place to ask for help as they are informational posts that most experts are not going to revisit. Articles do not provide a viable way to go back and forth with questions and answers. A new help thread for each person needing help will bring much attention and focus to your situation. 


Kind Regards,