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Message Extension

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In 2017 I plan to expand message extensions in addition to call  extensions. In today's world, users communicate with each other,  as well as with merchants, using text: either by emails or by text messages. Message Extensions are a great way to encourage users to convert, in addition to call extensions. The advertiser can reply to  the user in the method the user prefers: either by text or by a phone call.

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Shire L Badged Google Partner
December 2016

Have you tried message extensions yet? I have one account that I've implemented them in but from what I understand, you can't technically track conversions from them. My call tracking platform doesn't allow me to use a call tracking number for text messages, so I'm left utilizing someone's phone. This has left many clients I work with hesitant to try. Any ideas on the best way to get them to see the value?

MosheTLV Top Contributor
December 2016

@Shire L;

Indeed message extension is not fully compatible with CRM platforms,  and (currently) only works with the phone native text app. While testing, we actually counted conversions   "manually", off line.  Yet, I do thinkת that  users talk less and text more, and reporting will improve.  My recommendation is to use a  message extension alongside with a call extension