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Making life easier with Google AdWords labels

Hello there folks!

Hope you’re campaigns are going well! I’d like to talk about a new feature in the AdWords interface that some of you might have been testing out lately - AdWords Labels.


Labels are a great way to organise your campaigns by the criteria that make most sense for you and your business. The main benefit of this is that it allows you to run reports on these different elements to see how these factors are influencing your account performance. You can apply these labels across different aspects of your account, including campaigns, ad groups and keywords. Once you have applied these labels, you can then run Labels reports from the Dimensions tab, or run reports and filter the data via your Labels on either the Ads, Keywords, Ad Group, or Campaign tab. 

You can even organise your labels from their own admin page in the account to make it even easier to apply, create and delete your labels. 

For example, if you had a book selling business you could create labels to filter data for certain aspects of the books you are selling. In your ‘Novels’ ad group for example, you could create labels for 2nd Hand Books, Brand New Books, or Pre-Order Books. This would allow you to slice and dice your data so you can see how aspects of your account are performing quickly and easily.

Have you used AdWords labels before?