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MORE Clicks You're Losing By Not Using Ad Extensions

In yesterday’s post from my Add3 colleague Ryan Campbell, he talked about how valuable ad extensions are for your AdWords campaigns, with a focus on location and call extensions. If you missed it check it out here. Today I’m going to do a quick overview and POV of sitelinks - quick because they’ve been around the longest and I’m guessing most of you already know about them - and spend more time on my new favorite: review extensions.




Sitelinks are applicable to literally every business. They don’t require that you have a call center, physical location, product sold online, or social following. If you have more than one page on your website, you can and should use them. Their best uses are to give potential customers an opportunity to get to deeper pages on your site, showcase additional features of your product, or service and take up more real estate in search results (the last two probably being the most powerful). Your potential customers might have more in mind than what they designate in their query, and sitelinks can take them directly to content more relevant to their needs.


Review Extensions

Relatively new in the ad extensions list, these are my current favorites because of their ability to display endorsements from reputable 3rd party sources. Review extensions are an opportunity to tout positive things that have been said about your business by someone other than yourself,  but you still get to choose exactly what portion or phrase from the review is displayed below your text ad. Like many ad extensions, we don’t see a lot of clicks directly on the reviews (which is actually OK, since they go to the review source, not your site) but their presence has proven to boost CTR by 10-15%.


The types of reviews that do best have two things in common.


1: They come from a known source.

This is fairly obvious, but endorsements from well known publishers are more powerful due to their established trust with your audience.


2: The review speaks to the quality of your service/product.

A review that specifically addresses your value proposition and the quality attributes of your business not only acts as a vote of confidence, but also provides additional information to your potential customers that you may have run out of characters for in your text ad.




My rule of thumb is that you should enable every single type of ad extension that is relevant to your business. As of late last year, ad extensions impact quality score, so it is that much more important to leverage them for your AdWords campaigns. Read more about AdWords Ad Extensions on our blog.


Coming Up Next: Social annotations, seller ratings, app extensions and previous visit annotations.


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