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Lower your bids to get more clicks for the same budget



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Overview of lowering bids option 


Lowering bids can be carried out at multiple levels. It enables flexibility within the campaign to give the client maximum visibility within a given budget.


Some of the ways in which we can lower bids are at Campaign level, AdGroup Level and keyword level. Bids can also be reduced via time of day and device.


By reducing bids via any of the above, we can help to achieve additional clicks and visibility whilst still keeping within budget.

How do I/my clients use lowering bids to get more clicks for the same budget?


After looking at historical performance data and discovering the top converting periods of the day we have lowered bids from 6pm to midnight to help maintain the budget. This campaign will now focus on hours of the day that give us the best ROI for our client.


Having understood, which keywords are performing poorly, we would look to reduce these bids in order for the better performing terms to have this newly available budget.


Why do I think lowering bids can be sometimes helpful?


Lowering bids immediately gives us the opportunity to appear in more search auctions, helping to increase brand presence and overall awareness.


By reducing bids we are aiming the campaign at more towards user behavior, rather than top page strategy (always first).

How did lowering bids help me/my client be more successful with AdWords?


We managed to adopt a near always on strategy by lowering the CPC whilst maximising ROI for the client. This also helped to enable a greater brand awareness by being far more visible in the search results.