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Lost Analytics Access. Contact Domain Administrator.

Hi Community!


This is Vrinda from the Google AdWords team and and I’m going to be talking about a message that you may see in your account. Have you tried to log into your Google Analytics Account and seen this message pop up instead of your account?


Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 5.22.49 pm.png


Keep reading on to understand why you’re seeing this message and what your next steps should be!


Why can’t I access my account?


The email you are using to log in is a Google Apps account. An apps account is a package of cloud-based services that provide you with access to various Google services such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Google+, Hangouts, AdWords, Analytics, Blogger and more.


You are unable to access the account because Analytics hasn’t been enabled or was disabled as a service from your Apps account.


What can I do to get this access back?


To enable Analytics and access it using your account, you will need to contact your Google Apps administrator.


1) If you know who your Apps administrator is, get in touch with them and ask them to enable Analytics by following the steps below:


  1. Go to your Admin console (admin.google.com), logging in with the Super Admin credentials
  2. Click on “More controls” at the bottom of the screen
  3. Go to “Other Google Services” and click on the “X” that you’ll see at the right side of the page
  4. Check the box next to "Analytics"
  5. Click on the icon on the upper left side of your screen to enable the service


2) If you are unsure how to contact the Google Apps administrator at your organization, you can try to reset your admin account by following these steps and then enabling Analytics for yourself.


This should help you resolve the issue and get you back into your Analytics account!


Going forward, hopefully seeing this message will not be a reason to worry, as now we know exactly what to do and and who to contact.


For further information, you can always check with the Google Apps team at the product forum. Smiley Happy




Mini-CM Community Manager
January 2016

Thanks Vrinda. 

Johanne M
January 2016

Thank you to inform us

Mohamed E
January 2016

Thank You Vrinda Smiley Happy

Jordan Burleson
January 2016

Very helpful, thank you for posting! Man Happy

Abraham Darius L
January 2016

Hello! I hope someone notices my post here.

At work (IRRI.org) we use Google Apps/services. For my work, I am also tasked to monitor Google Sites-powered cure.irri.org. Currently it has an analytics tracking code UA-31202113-2  but however, the staff who was in charge of it was separated from service without handing over the control of analytics to someone remaining in service. Company policy is after one month, Google account will be disabled and cleansed shortly thereafter... it's been around six months now therefore ALL of his Google Apps data (email, drive, and analytics) are now deleted/gone. 

Given the situation that we now the tracking code, could someone from Google assign the control of analytics for that tracking code to me, the new admin? It's a pity if we cannot get the analytics data prior to my takeover. Thanks very much.

Candy C
February 2016

I'm really not sure where to go for this, but my information is incorrect...how do I fix the problem.



(830) 833-4591 is MAIN NUMBER


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M Ikramullah S
March 2016
"Internal error. Please try again later.
Analytics has encountered an unexpected condition and cannot fulfill your request."
I do not know, why get this kind of messages at Reporting, and Customization windows, 
Sunil G
March 2016

Thanks for shainrg wonderful information 

Krishna R
April 2016

Thanks for sharing this information


Wendy P
April 2016



I have had a google analytics account for my old website and have not used for some time and now have a new site and want to link can you help me.