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Language targeting



I was in the opinion that english language campaign is good enough to drive enough clicks and conversion in Adwords. But it was a complete mis conception when I experienced the below mentioned in last few weeks.


I was running a an account for one of client from travel domain, and he was targetting Germany, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Chile, Brazil. I different campaign with different budget, language targeting and location targeting with tightly themed ad groups and extensions (site links and call extensions). Over two months I received 92 conversions at $28 as CPA. I was happy with the performnace, while client was not happy upto the mark. I thought about alternate option, though I already all of them.


Then suddenly idea of creating campaigns in different languages clicked my mind. Using Google transalator I created ads in   Spanish, German languages and accordingly used them in the respective campaigns. This practice increased my CTR to 3.2% from 1.2%. Also site engagement of the users have increased heavily as the website is also created in different languages. Ultimately time has come when my CPA came below $15, almost 50% of previous CPA. 


Then I analysed this practice and it's results few points licked my mind:


1. English language is targeted by huge number of advertisers for my business vertical in that geography, which caused higher actual CPC. Also users are provided with multuple options thus roam around any after navigate lots of websites they fill enquiry. This causes higher CPA.


2. In these countries search volume is much more higher in local language, thus I started getting clicks and conversion more frequently.


3. Trust of the users are built when they are searching in that language and find same language advertisement, also end up landing on a website which is created in that language. This increases the level of understanding of the users and enquires received in this case are also more productive and convertible.


I highly recommend everyone to create advertisement in different language when they are targeting different languages in adwords, because of the above mentioned reasons. Rather than creating an English advertisement and targeting several languages, it is better to create different campaigns with different language settings, adn their advertisement in that language.


Hope this will help some people!!



about Foyzul Alom

I have been managing campaigns on Google Adwords & MSN Adcenter since past 4 years. I am <a href="https://adwords.google.com/professionals/profile/ind?id=07874638132683295595&hl=en">Google Adwords Individually Qualified</a> and Microsoft Accredited Professional. I have my own way of working. Understanding the issue and finding a resolution from grass root level is my strength. I believe we can learn from anything, any kind of happening around us. While looking at an advertisement in a hoarding, I can design a better a banner ad. I enjoy working a digital marketer as I find it is the easiest way to target the biggest part of market, we can target people when they are relaxing, gaming, chating and most importantly when they are looking around for something. I am a confident digital marketer and successfully running my agency, if you want any sort of help from me, you can <a href="mailto:foyzulppc@gmail.com">email me</a>.

stickleback Top Contributor
March 2013

Hi Foyzul,


I am based in Spain and run a lot of campaigns for companies targeting both English and Spanish speakers so I do this a lot!


Here's a blog post I wrote on the subject last year....

March 2013

Thats great.


I am not familiar with Spanish, thus never tried this. I was in the impression that targeting Spanish languages with English advertisement will work, and I will get good response. But that did not is no the case. Dedicated campaign with specific language and keyowrds & advertisement in the same language always helps. Smiley Happy


Aravindhu Ch
April 2013

Hi Foyzul


It is very helpfull to me one of my clients required same tipe of ads. Im does not aware of how to creating different language ads for search network

and how we set keywords in other languages even i cnat read those languages

thank you