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Keyword Lists

Short Summary 


Keywords are the vital part of any Adwords account. For me, the good practice is to note down all the ideas, phrases etc… on a spread sheet for any project and then use the Google Keyword Tool to explore them. It’s a good strategy to shortlist the negative keyword list also in the beginning so as to aim for relevant traffic for my clients’ success.


What are Keyword Lists? 


Keywords are the core ingredients of an Adwords account. The key phrases used to advertise online business are what the keyword comprises of. Choosing the right set of combined keywords and organizing them in theme based groups is what we call the Keyword Lists. I believe that first step to get success on Adwords relies on this portion of how well your keywords list is, how organized and what important terms have been identified to run on Google Network.



Why use  Keyword Lists? 


I think that planning a strategic structure would be the magical key behind the success on Adwords account. I myself keep on experimenting with the different keywords, their match types and see how effectively or how badly these are being influenced inside my clientele Adwords account. Benefits of including right targeted keywords would include the relevant traffic, higher CTR, improved ROI towards my client’s website. I have also seen that effective keywords list inside the account tend to bring in less negative queries.

One of my client’s account was totally unorganized when I first gained access to his Adwords account. I decided to re-organize the keywords list into theme based keywords. I created 7 different campaigns based on the 7 different products for my clientele. Once the new campaigns were on, they started slowly but later picked up the pace and assisted in higher conversion rate for him. When the comparison was made with the past campaigns having old unorganized keyword lists, there was a big bang jump of 25% in online conversions reaching via Google Adwords.



When to use Keyword lists? 


I believe in doing the brainstorming before identifying the right set of keywords for my clients. Generally I write down the phrases with a pen and a paper or on a spread sheet to cover up all the important aspects.

Using Keyword tool is a second better option to choose for. Inputting all the keywords and then getting a long list of different key phrases is another task. Many times I also prefer entering the domain name in the keyword tool and then getting a lot of variations to choose from.


Importantly, if the project is already ongoing from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) point of view, then I would certainly look at the organic traffic from Google Analytics and try to identify the terms being the most popular. I believe it's a good idea to include the organic search terms inside Adwords account to see how users will behave after clicking the paid sponsored links in addition to natural free search engine results.


I also prefer considering the plurals, synonyms and misspells while finalizing the keyword lists. It actually depends on how the competiton is and whether it would be ideal to kick start initially with multivariate keywords or not.

Inputting different match types gives me an idea of how popular the key phrases are in terms of different match types. The idea is to grasp as much as I can, so that there is no further room of improvement to begin with. Once I have the different variation of keywords, I analyze the monthly search volume globally and locally depending upon the requirements and scope of the project. I think that it’s better to choose the intermediate keywords initially so that there is a synchronization of what are the monthly budget plans and how diversify the keywords list is. Finally Google’s Traffic Estimator does the trick. I use it to look at different aspects like daily cost, daily clicks etc... and finalize the keyword lists.

Most of the times, I follow this practice for my clients. Honestly, this has been in the benefit of my clients so that they earn more at the end of the day. One of my client wanted to start with Adwords. We analyzed the website and then used the keyword tool to identify right set of keywords. The domain name was also entered to see what opportunities keyword tool had. Different campaigns were created based on different surgeries which my client was into. Very soon, she realized that number of appointments and contact form leads increased. She was excited to see the impressive results in one month and she owed it to Adwords.



Tips on using Keyword Lists:- 


  • (Tip #1)   - Include organic search keywords inside Adwords account. It will assist in getting higher traffic which further helps in more business prospects.
  • (Tip #2)  - In addition to the Google keyword Tool, Google Inside for Search will help you in identifying which terms are most popular in which parts of the world.
  • (Tip #3)  - It’s good to identify the negative keywords in the beginning. Google Keyword tool provides options of variations where you can short list the negative keywords separately and include them on top of your keywords inside the Adwords account.
  • (Tip #4)  - Including the relevant Search terms as keywords will further assist in improved ROI for your client’s account.







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