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Insights on Budgeting in AdWords

AdWords Community Members @Rupesh Chhabra and @Kandarp Thaker teamed up to give us their insights on your AdWords budget and how to keep your ads running on your busiest days.


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How do we decide a starting optimal budget?

This question arise in every advertiser mind what would be my optimal starting budget on Google AdWords, The answer lies to this with Advertisers budget and in Google AdWords Keyword Planner. If a client comes up and ask that they wanted to start with google adwords and how much they should invest, then we need to analyse few things i.e. Client’s Objective, Revenue per Lead or sale & how much client is ready to willing to pay.


If a Client wanted to start with a small budget then we should tell them to start with Google Search in start and then move to Display. For that we need to identify the keywords and the optimal cpc for those keywords in Google Adwords; for that we need to use Google Keyword Planner. Under tools please move to keyword planner use this to download the keywords ides and their impression & cpc, then choose the keyword which are more relevant to the advertiser i.e. Brand Keywords or Product Keywords or theme based keywords and add them to you plan to get starting optimal budget.



Why would you increase your budget mid campaign?

We should review our campaigns and see if we are meeting our goals i.e. CPL, CPA, or ROAS also & if we are achieving our goal then we should increase the budgets for the campaigns which are performing well for us.


We also need to check is our campaign is not Out of Budget in AdWords we say “Limited by Budget” this means we are not able to run our ads for full 24 hours as our budget is exhausted before End of Day.


If we are achieving our goals & we want to expand then we should add more relevant keywords & increase our budget for our campaign to get more clicks or conversions.


How do you identify a busiest day/successful day?

In every business some day are busiest days & quiet days. So, if we wanted to know which days are our busiest days or high converting days then we should check out the Day Parting report under Dimensions which will helps us to identify which days converts better for us. For i.e. we get 20% more conversions on Sundays or holidays than other days; then we should increase our budget for these days to more conversions.

So, please use these feature to make campaigns more optimized and profitable.

Kandarp Thaker
February 2015

Thanks KathleenSmiley Happy

Mini-CM Community Manager
February 2015

Great article @Rupesh Chhabra and @Kandarp Thaker 

Matt - W
March 2015

This made for good reading thank you Smiley Happy

Gal Y
August 2015

thanks, very helpfyl advises.