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Increase Google AdWords Conversions and improve Quality Score - Read these tips and watch the video

Here are some tips for increasing AdWords conversions and improving Quality Score. These tips have been provided for a real business that uses AdWords. These tips could help your business too. Watch the video below for a qucik summary and click here to join the original discussion.



Increase Conversions- Try out Enhanced CPC, especially for the campaigns that are already converting!

Improve Quality Scores- Try using Dynamic Keyword Insertion in your Ad Copy, especially in the Headline and the Display URL.

Improve Impression Share- Create a campaign targeting the Display Network using Topics andInterests for your targeting methods.  Also, create a Remarketing campaign.

Measure Phone Calls- Try Call Metrics, an option within Call Extensions that allows you to track how many calls you are getting from your ads using a Google Forwarding Number.


Additionally, I saw that David is on Google+ but has not added the social extension to his ads which allows you to show your +1 button next to your ads, and users will see who in their circles has already +1-ed you.  Check out this article about the steps necessary to add the +1 button to your ad.


The hardest part is knowing where to start, and what to prioritize, because, as the Community members mentioned, AdWords is ever changing!


Good luck!

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