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Improved Sitelinks Extensions with Enhanced Campaigns

Enhanced Campaigns are the latest buzz which you can hear from any advertiser working on Adwords these days. Inside enhanced campaigns, ad extensions have been given greater flexibility which all the advertisers can take the benefit of. I would specifically talk about sitelinks here which are additional links you can include with your text ads running on Google search Network.


Earlier, we all had the limitations of using only campaign level sitelinks where the default standard links were included and based on relevancy and other factors, the sitelinks were triggered along with the text ads if they were showing on top 3 ad positions. Now, if you convert your campaign from Legacy to Enhanced campaigns, you do have the option to create ad group level sitelinks. Yes, that's right.


How to upgrade Sitelinks:-


When the campaign transition is complete (i.e. from legacy to enhanced), go to Ad Extensions tab and select Sitelink Extensions. Here, you will see a screen link this:



As you can see, you can click on upgrade all sitelink extensions to enjoy more flexibility in terms of sitelinks. Here, you can either include new sitelinks or edit the existing ones. Let's say you want to show a particular sitelink only for the week days from 10am till 10 pm and Saturday from 11am till 9pm. You can do this by looking at the below screenshot:




If you check mark on Device Preference for mobile, Adwords would prefer showing this particular sitelink to the users who are on mobile as compared to the desktop users.


Ad Group Level Sitelink Extension Options:-


In addition to this, there are ad group level sitelink extensions as well, you can create. Doing this will over ride the campaign level extensions and Adwords would prefer showing the ad group sitelinks which you created. Here's how you can do that:


Go to particular ad group and click on Ad Extensions and select sitelinks Extensions. In front of campaign setting, click on Edit and you will see a screen link this:




Here, select ad group sitelink extension and then you can choose between 4 to 6 sitelinks per ad group to show with your text ads. Here also, you need to follow the same steps as I mentioned above while setting up the extensions and you can schedule them as well depending upon your custom requirements. Similarly if you select the first option i.e. Use Campaign sitelink extension, Adwords would continue to show the campaign level sitelinks and there will be no over riding. If you choose 3rd option i.e. Disable sitelink extensions, then sitelinks for that particular ad group won't be shown on Google search network.




About the reporting part, go to main campaigns tab and select ad extensions and then sitelinks extensions. Then you can also customize the columns to include campaign and ad group. Doing this will help you identify which sitelinks are performing better whether at campaign level or ad group level and then you can take the required actions to further optimize your sitelinks.


I would also like to add here about the segment This Extension vs. Other. When you use this particular segment, one part of the data will show you the stats related to your ad extensions and Other might include the clicks to headline, any impressions, any other extension like location extension, call extension to name few. This reporting segment will again be an essential part of sitelink optimization strategies and can assist in further refining your Adwords campaigns.


Posted by Pankaj Sabharwal

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I am a Google AdWords lover. Always excited to learn something new about it. I am always engaged with the AdWords Community and love to interact and solve the problems to the best of my knowledge if I can.

Leads Dubai
March 2013
Interesting post Specially the reporting where we can track which site link works the best
satinder s
April 2013

Please help review my adwords account and have same issue with Hamaz site. Could you have to check the reason why? and how to resolve it

corina c
April 2013
I am interested In your ad
Lussotrip M
April 2013

how do i get my phone number in the enhanced camaign to my add appearing in the normal desktop search

MobileApps P
April 2013

HI Pankaj,


It's really nice to find your article. I need your assistance for claming the free $100 advertising coupon that i got in my email addresss. I recently started with a new acccount on adwords and already billed $50 for the ads. As per the adwords requirements i passed the condition of $25 billing. I have the coupon code but don't know where to add the same in billing. Please instruct me where i have to add the coupon code to claim the free advertising money.

pankaj1782 Top Contributor
April 2013
@ Lussotrip M, you need to create call extensions to include the phone numbers. Sitelinks is not the way out for that. @MobileApps P, Can you please post this query as a new thread in the Adwords Community? The community members will address that and your post will be visible to all the members.
Pierre W
May 2013

Nice Post Pankaj, I didn't even consider the reporting on the extentions. But to be fair, I'm still trying to organize my campaing. I added you to my friend list on G+, will try to message you.

Rachit Gupta
July 2013

Really this would so helpful and resolve my confusion.. Smiley Happy Thanks PankajSmiley Happy




Rachit Gupta
August 2013

Hi Pankaj, i would like to know as we done in ad scheduling stop any campaign according to our choice like i dont want to run my campaign on sunday, so i use not run feature but as i m seeing in new one no this type of option, or might be i m not getting.. kindly suggest Smiley Happy

pankaj1782 Top Contributor
August 2013

Make sure your campaign type is all features and not standard. In that
case...you have to first change the campaign type and then schedule ur ads