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Image Ads (Why should I use them?)

Short Summary:- 


I love working on the image ads especially because of the creativity involved. Image ads can prove to be the real conversion assistants if used properly in the sense that proper color, font, dimensions are selected based on the domains which are targeted. Although my personal experience says that you need to have patience before you start getting real results using Image Ads, but certainly they add towards the brand awareness and brand improvement for many businesses as they have been for my clientele.

What are Image ads?

Image ads are another form of ads which can be created on Google Display Network in the form of images (moving or static).They are the brand ambassador for your product or service. I personally use these ads to promote the brand awareness for my clients. These ads are another opportunity to create mass awareness in front of audiences who are surfing online to seek various business opportunities.

Why use Image ads?

I think that the brand upliftment is the main motive behind image ads. I have created image ads for some of my clients and have seen that they add towards the direct sales or conversions after sometime. Another benefit to add to this type of ads is the continual involvement of online users who actually see the image ad and then interact with the website to get to know more. Image ads give a new dimension in addition to normal text ads so as to be creative and at the sametime provide more value to the online users who gets more attracted to click an image ad rather than a standard text ad.


In order to create image ads, I go to the particular ad group and click on ads tab and then select Image ad like this:-


image ad

Then browse through the computer to select the appropriate image and upload by filling the right destination and display URL. Screen would comprise of different formats available i.e. gif, jpg, png and swf. There are 9 different formats available and I prefer using all so as to see which format ads would do the trick for me.

See below screenshot:-


image 2

As an example, one of my client was doing good on Google Search Network for his yoga classes, but was not getting more of the conversions on Google Display network. I worked with our designing team to create some static and some flash oriented image ads which should match with the color, design and proper format of the targeted placements. I made sure that the image ads had good call to action button with a different color which would attract online users. I also implemented the Image ads using Display Ad Builder, which is an excellent tool, keeping all guidelines in mind. Although it took some time and little higher Avg. CPC bid to begin with, when compared to standard text ads, but lately more conversions were recorded and that too at the sake of pretty competitive Conversion rate on Google Display Network. I could actually see conversions jumping up about 15% more which added more smile on my client’s face.

When to use Image ads?


Image ads are important part of brand awareness. I think that one of the important decisions to get success with image ads is that they should be separated from normal text ads on Google Display Network. I have seen that commonly Avg. CPC for these ads is higher than the text ads. So keeping them separate helps in deciding which form of ads should be further tested. I regularly use Display Ad Builder to create ads for my clients (it saves my designer's time). Whenever I create these ads, I take special care of what color scheme should be used and what type of font will look better. I also make sure that the Call to actions I am using have nice color to attract more users to click on it. The idea is to embed the image ad inside the Placements as if they are the part of it. It should look realistic rather than awkward. I also take advantage of including my client’s logo inside the ads (which many of the templates offer inside Display Ad Builder) and make sure that we have all legal rights to use them.

I use image ads for many of my clientele to promote their brands. Using them actually enhance the online as well as offline conversions. Be it a cookies store owner or a real estate agent or some medical practitioner, I keep on experimenting different format of ads with prescribed guidelines and see where these ads can add more value to them. I think once the image ads are rightly optimized on Google Display Network, they can earn more value to the clients. Although CTR is pretty much lower when compared to Google Search ads, but once the flow is maintained, these ads tend to bring in good profits.

Tips on using Image Ads:-


  • Separate the image ads from text ads so that they should be optimized differently.
  • Take special care of color combination, text font, and size of image ads while creating them. If proper format is used which is in sync with Managed Placements, there is a probability of higher conversion rate.
  • Be patient while looking for the results on image ads because it might take longer than expected for the results to deliver.
  • Use all formats defined by Google while creating image ads to get the best results.




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