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I can’t find my business on Google

Learn how to find your business on Google and get tips on how help your local listing show higher in results.



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about Marissa Nordahl

I've worked on Google My Business for the last 3 years and truly enjoy helping business owners. I'm thankful to have such an awesome group of Top Contributors and Rising Stars who share in that as well. We're here to help so please - ask away!

azizi t
November 2015

hai Marissa Nordahl, I can’t find my business on Google GOOD ARTICEL and related my case.... So what should i do? My status disable by moderate Google Maps. Can you help me??  



Chris T
November 2015

Hi,how do i get my business to show up on google maps ?

Izetta G
November 2015

Hi Marissa, I hope that yu are familiar with google analytics, how can I decrease my bounce rate.

November 2015

I got my business verified and it started showing up on google map search. But in normal google search i don't find information about it. 

Only result showing my listing on other website. What is the way to get it on google search? 

Christopher S
December 2015
I have been in business for over 3 years. I work from my home as well as on customer location making video. www.EveryoneAStory.com. I went to search myself on maps and discovered I wasn't even on there, so I added myself, claimed the business and developed it with photos and other business information. I then was asked to verify, so I went through that process, requesting the post card be sent to my address. I even signed up for ad words for about $100 a month. My pin showed up on the map for about 4 hours and then suddenly disappeared. I called Adword support and they said it went away because I started the verification process and it would show back up when I got my post card and verified. Nope. Really ridiculous. I've filed a request for review. No word yet. It's been a few days.
David M
December 2015 - last edited December 2015


ElizabethP Community Manager
December 2015

Thank you all for the questions and comments! Please do post your queries on the applicable discussion board here for assistance. Our Top Contributors and I are happy to help you there! 

Pennie O
January 2016

Hi Marissa,

We just went live with our Ad Words Express ad, I received the confirmation that it is live, however when I searched our key phrase most of our biggest competitors come up but I can't find our ad.  Please advise

ElizabethP Community Manager
January 2016

Hi Pennie,

Please go ahead and start a new thread in the community for this topic. Our experts are looking foraward to helping you there! 


Chris T
January 2016

How do I get my business to show up on Google maps