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I Don't Receive Post at my Business Address - How to Verify?


Google my Business guidelines state that I cannot use a PO Box to register my business page, BUT my physical business address does not receive post, so how do I verify my business ?



You must still use your physical address of the business regardless if you receive post at the address or not.


Request your verification postcard. When your postcard has not arrived after 14 days, you can now contact Google Business Support to help complete the verification process.



Your address, corresponds with the PIN marker in Google Maps. This is how people find your business and also how Google will determine where to show your business for location based searches.


If you were allowed to use a PO Box, all your customers would be arriving at a PO Box location and calling you to say, "where are you, I can't find you" ... not a great experience for your customers or Google users.









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Marcus C
August 2016

I've been waiting for the post card for over a month now making it hard to get started

Liam H
August 2016
Login to Google My Business and complete the request again. It often gets expedited at the 2nd or third request
Rotimi F
September 2016

In this part of the world Nigeria, it's been very difficult to get verification by post, by email and whatever means from and by Google. I wonder why. I have personally done it 3 times now. I intend too still use the link reccommended in a video am watching now. Lets see.

Emmanuel D
September 2016

You can verify via email now but the email needs to be the contact email in the website ex. info@website.com

September 2016

Issue is I have a physical adress, but the post does not deliver any post there.

And I have no landline, just a mobile phone? How should I get my business listing verified?

Here you can find the listing: https://plus.google.com/b/101392527961978476606/101392527961978476606/posts?gmbpt=true&pageId=101392...





Janet D
March 2017

But people don't "find" my business, it's a shuttle and transportation service that has no physical location.


So as said, customers calling me to say, "where are you, I can't find you" ... not a great experience for your customers or Google users...is not a problem. Actually, they would probably not have a good experience if they tried to find a business with no physical location, and the Post Office box is the best way to clearly communicate that we don't have a store front. We operate in a national park and we don't receive mail to our address....

Tim Capper Top Contributor
March 2017

Hi @Janet D


In that instance you should be registering the businesses address, not where you pick up or drop off.


Mark the business as a serviced area business" I serve customers at their location" and use the service location settings to specify the area you serve.


You can use your website and Google+ business page story section to also clearly state pick up and drop off areas.



jessica s
March 2017

We also don't receive mail at our business address, in fact mail sent to that address won't be delivered! Our mailing address is on a cross street, but we're three buildings from the corner, so no one can find us at that address. So we use another address for promotion, which is in sync with our street and easy to find, but since it's not technically our mailing address, we probably can't receive a postcard to verify our business. Google is not giving us any other option. We don't know how to fix this problem.

Tim Capper Top Contributor
March 2017

Hi @jessica s


As the article clearly explains, you have to use your physical address. Request postcard >> when the postcard has not arrived after 14 days, you must contact business support who will help you get the listing verified.


How to Contact Google Business Support


Leigh F
April 2017

I operate my business from home.
I live in the country, and mail isn't delivered to homes out here, only PO Boxes.
What's the point in getting Google to send me a post card that i know i can't receive, and then wait 2 weeks for that postcard that i'm not going to receive, only to call Google and have them do what needs to be done to verify that my business is my own?
Why not just skip that step and have me send Google a scanned copy of my company registration, or send you an email from my company email address.
Time is money. As a small business owner i don't have time to muck around with sending pointless mail, and waiting around for 2 weeks for no reason. I'm launching my business in 35 hours from now. I need my business listed on Google asap.