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How to write a good "Subject" line

Subject lines describe the content of posts. Using strong subject lines helps make sure that posts are noticed by the community, and also helps community members align their skill sets with your needs.
There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to writing Subject lines, but we recommend considering these questions:
  • Is the Subject specific to the content of your post?
  • Is the Subject succinct?
Here are some examples of poor Subject lines:
  • Help!
  • How does this work
  • Advice needed
These Subject lines are succinct, which is good; however, they are also quite vague. As a result, they do not introduce community members to the main topics of the posts and may not elicit immediate responses.
Here are some examples of good Subject lines:
  • Changing account access
  • Setting up alerts
  • How to advertise on YouTube
These subject lines are more specific, which helps community members find subjects relevant to their areas of expertise.

Md Anwar H
January 2015

Very useful article it is. thanks ZeeSmiley Happy

dieter p
January 2015

Good tips, Thanks,


Just to add this: I use in my A/B testing always 2 types of questions:

- Open questions, ex. 'How do you manage your feedback?'

- suggestive questions with a yes/no  answer 'Do you manage your feedback?'


That comes from my  sales expressions, your first contact has to be a open question because it is not so easy to avoid it with a Yes/No answer.


In my testings there is mainly not a huge difference in CTR,  mostly the  open questions score 0,1 - 0,5  % better in CTR