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How to Use and Understand Location Targeting

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What is Location Targeting?


Location targeting is a campaign level setting which enables you to select where you want your ads to show on a geographical basis. This inclusion (or exclusion) can be made on a country, region, city or radius scale while also having the opportunity to use a combination of the four different options within the same campaign.



Why use Location Targeting?


The ability to include or exclude areas of the world for a marketing campaign is a real asset to any business. Let's say you sell products within the entirety of the United Kingdom but are unable to export to other countries, it would be a waste of budget if you were to receive clicks from these other countries but Location Targeting prevents this from happening depending on how you set it up. Another classic example of using the feature is if you had a pizza delivery business that could only deliver within a certain radius from the restaurant, Location Targeting enables you to do this with ease meaning your ads will show only to people within your set radius.


This might not seem practical in some instances though. If you were offering a unique service that was restricted to your city but there was the possibility of people in others cities searching for your service then you might believe the Location Targeting is going to stop them from seeing your ad. This isn't actually the case though as you can determine whether people outside your Location Targeting area(s) who are searching about your target area can see your ad or not. So if I had a luxury car servicing business in London and someone outside the city (my target area) searched "luxury car servicing London" then I still have the opportunity for my ad to be shown to them.



Another strategy might be to start small and gradually expand the Location Targeting to branch into new and / or larger markets geographically speaking. A new business might only be able to cope with a certain level of demand to begin with for example so having a small target area will benefit them until they have the finance and resources to expand, then at a later date they can extend their geographical reach and attract additional customers. This same methodology might also be used from a competitive perspective as in most cases the smaller the area then the smaller the competition. As a business grows and acquires additional finance it might have the means to take on additional competition while attempting to acquire new customers.



How to use Location Targeting?


You will first have to select which campaign you wish to apply the changes to and then navigate to the Settings tab, find the Locations and languages header and click Edit within theLocations subheading.



This will open a search bar allowing you to enter a country, region or city of your choice which you either want to include or exclude to the campaign. Begin typing a location of your choice and you will be presented with a prompt list where you can either Add or Exclude the location you are searching for.




If you are wanting to add a radius target area to your campaign then click on the Advanced search link next to the search bar, a pop up should appear giving you the option to select Radius targeting. Click on the blue pointer and then on the map where you want to position your radius, once you are happy simply press Add and anyone within the radius will be able to see your ads. Don't forget that you can also set the radius distance according to your requirements, there is also the option to select miles or kilometres depending on your preference.




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