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How to Find Your Customer ID

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What is a Customer ID?

A Customer ID is a ten digit, three part code which is assigned to each and every AdWords account including MCC's (My Client Centre). This code is required when submitting feedback forms or help requests to Google AdWords customer support, when linking your account to other Google products such as Analytics and also needed to link with a MCC.



Why use a Customer ID?

The idea behind the Customer ID is to avoid having to share personal login information with other individuals. If you were to partake in a free AdWords management trial with an agency for example then you would be reluctant to share your password as you may use it for other accounts also. Being able to share your Customer ID eliminates this inconvenience and protects your sensitive data.



Where can I find my Customer ID?

Simply login to your AdWords account and you will always be able to locate your Customer ID in the top right corner of the account below the option to sign out. You will see the ten digit code in the format xxx-xxx-xxxx as seen in the picture below:


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Marketing V
June 2015

I have a problem when signing in Adwords & to fill the forum i have to know the ID customer , which i can't reach because of problem in the signing in.

Any other place to know my customer ID ??

ScottyD Top Contributor
June 2015

@Marketing V, I'd suggest performing a few searches through your email history as it might have been mentioned during the initial signup phase.

Michelle D
September 2015

Please help.  We set up a google adwords account a couple of years ago.  We need to change the credit card number.  But we cannot access the account :-s  When we sign in, google apps seems to have created an alternate xxx-xxx-xxxx number, and when I try to get to the billing section it wants me to start a whole new add.  The adds still show in google results, and we're billed every month, so the account exists, but is somehow separated from our apps account?  What on earth are we supposed to do?  How do we access our account?

February 2016

i want to know about my coustmer id

puku m
August 2016
i want to know coustmer id
freezik l
November 2016


Error 401  OAuth2 Error   1.png

I am new to this google adsense. After creating an account in google adsense i am having a customer id, publisher id, etc. So when i use the customer id in cake php 3 to get the details, it showing as invalid client. So what is the solution for that..??

Thank you.

ScottyD Top Contributor
November 2016

Hi @freezik l,


The above article is actually for Google AdWords. My suggestion would be to submit your issue in the Google AdSense community here - https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!forum/adsense

freezik l
November 2016

Thank you @ScottyD

Aiden A
December 2016

My home screen doesn't look anything like that at all D;

ScottyD Top Contributor
December 2016

Hi @Aiden A,


The interface has indeed changed quite a bit since this article was written. Have you been able to find your Customer ID since?