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How to Convince a Client to use AdWords?

Firstly, this article is written for those who have a solid understanding of AdWords’ features, since it doesn't explain any features you can use to sell AdWords. On the other hand it gives you tips and strategies on how to introduce AdWords to your client with the right features at the right time without bogging them down with non-relevant features to their business. This is because we know we only have a short time to persuade the customer that our service is the solution to his/her business and one of the hardest things is to catch the customer’s attention, and you can imagine how much harder it will be if you lost his attention by annoying him with many features. No one cares about the product features, they only need answers to their questions and solutions to their problems and to provide a solution you must first understand the problem, since you can't solve it if you don't what it is. You sell a service and your client buys a solution. Today I would like to share with you some tips you might find useful when you are presenting AdWords to a customer. Let's get started;


1) Build up a Rapport.

Rapport is the process of building a sustaining relationship of mutual trust, harmony and understanding. Developing a rapport will make your customer feel that you understand him, that you have a strong common bond. Most successful salespeople believe that creating a positive rapport with the customer is the easiest way to reach objectives through enabling greater and easier communication. The rapport can be either a personal rapport (Find any cue to talk about the customer) or business rapport (Can be anything related to the business that is not directly connected to the call’s objective).



2) Clarify why are you there?

It's important to state the purpose why you are there and make sure you and your customer are on the same page, by establishing that you are showing that you are customer-focused by making it clear you are there to learn about the customer’s needs and see how you can benefit fromit.

Example: I would like to learn more about your objectives for using AdWords and share with you AdWords’ features that may be useful for your business.



Don't be product-focused by talking firstly about the product features without having vision of your customer goals, by doing that you will give your customer the impression AdWords can not add any value to their business as you can't tell the customers what works best for them without having sufficient information about their circumstances.


3) Explore your Customer Objectives.

The bedrock is to ask straightforward questions that meet your customers’ goals and remember the quality of your question can show your customer how you can add value to their business.
There are 3 types of questions to ask your customer at this stage:-
1) Objective Questions


  • What are your objectives when using AdWords?
  • What are your marketing goals?

Once your client answers the questions, start drilling down by asking more relevant questions to understand more and see the bigger picture of your client needs.Remember don't interrupt your customer, as he or she must feel they have been heard.



2) Current situation Questions.

  • Are you currently doing any marketing campaigns?
  • Where else are you running online or offline campaigns?

Probe further to understand the level of satisfaction and continue to scan your customer's answers so you can drill down deeper.


3) Technical questions (AdWords Related Questions)

  • Do you have a website? What's the website’s age?
  • Are you concerned that you are not spending enough / spending too much on marketing?
  • Who are your current customers and competitors?
  • What area does the business serve?
  • What makes your business different from competitors?

Remember after finishing your questions, You must have all the data you need to understand the customer’s situation and priorities to develop the strategy.


4) Introduce AdWords.

Once you understand your client’s needs it's your job to reflect it into a solution, your words are the power to turn this product into a solution. The following 5 tips can help get the client’s full attention during introducing AdWords:

A) Align AdWords’ features in a customized way that addresses the customer’s needs .

Example: From the questions you asked, you've understood that your customer's goals are to increase sales but he is concerned about the budget, so you should start introducing AdWords with the first feature which meets his needs and solves his problem, in this particular case it's the budget feature , so you can say :-



“ AdWords is Google’s paid advertising program , which is suitable for all business from multimillion to small sized businesses, There's no minimum spending requirement – the amount you pay for AdWords is up to you. You can, for instance, set a daily budget of five dollars and a maximum cost of ten cents for each click on your ad.... You're charged only if someone clicks your ad, not when your ad is displayed..” 


B) Create a sense of urgency by helping the client understand the consequences of not investing in online marketing. you are here to show how AdWords can add value to their business.


C) People trust numbers. Use numbers in your presentation, such as “ You know that AdWords reaches 80% of Internet users in the US”


D) Credentialize! Demonstrate knowledge of business advertising as an expert by telling the client about some success stories similar to his business.


E) If your client has never used online marketing, you should highlight the difference between online and traditional marketing. On the other hand if the client has a little experience in using online marketing, there's no need to talk about traditional marketing, but you have to highlight the difference between SEO, social media and other online marketing methods and why your client should use AdWords over other PPC services.

5) Close and reaching an agreement.

Once you manage to form an agreement with the client, close the business session by conforming to your client’s will to proceed and by clarifying the next steps for the agreement.


about Ahmed Ali

A former Google Student Ambassador who launched his first AdWords campaign in May 2013 through participating in Google Online Marketing Challenge. I competed with over 12,000 students in 80 different countries. My team and I won the most successful AdWords campaign in Africa & The Middle East and one of the best 5 campaigns in the world.

Rakesh Kumar Top Contributor
July 2014

Nice Article Ahmed Smiley Happy

It is esp good for sales guys!!

Ahmed Ali
July 2014

Thanks Rakesh Smiley Happy
Yes, I was even thinking about writing the article with this headline: " How to Sell AdWords?".

Trevor_Stewart Top Contributor
August 2014

Great tips for new client acquisitions!  Many good takeaways,  Thanks Ahmed!

September 2014

What an amazing article this is. It's precise and simple.

Thank you so much Smiley Happy

Ahmed Ali
September 2014

Thanks ollie , I appreciate that Smiley Happy
Haven't seen you for awhile!

Zezo z
September 2014
Awesome ahmed Go on Smiley Happy
September 2014

You're welcome Smiley Wink

Hmm. I rarely come here now Smiley Tongue. I see that you're doing good here Smiley Happy

Anton T
September 2014

Geat article, i'll try to implement some advices with new clients Smiley Happy

Ahmed Ali
September 2014

Glad you liked it @anton T .. Thanks Smiley Happy

September 2014

Nice Article,