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1.6K members online now
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Community Manager

How do I change my Community profile picture (avatar)?

Once you sign up to the AdWords Community, a random avatar will be automatically assigned to your profile and will display as your profile picture. You can change it at any time in the ‘community settings’.


Here is what you need to do:


1. Click on the gear icon at the top right corner of the page or underneath your avatar.


community settings


2. Then click on the ‘Avatars’ tab as displayed below.



3. After that you can choose:

  • an existing avatars from the community

  • use a custom avatar/profile picture from the web


If you decide for the second option, just click on the ‘From the Web’ link, paste a URL of your image into the ‘Custom avatar URL’ box and save it with the ‘set avatar’ button.


December 2012

How do I change my AdWords Community login name?

Zee Community Manager
December 2012

Hi therussianstore,


What would you like your new username be?

Timothy T

How do I set a specific picture to be what is first seen when searched?  I would expect what I've assigned as my "profile" picture to be what is displayed when my page is the search result.  However, It looks like it's just whatever photo I most recently uploaded.  Can I set my profile picture (headshot) to be seen first when someone searches for me?