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How To Report Spam Business Pages

Spam affects every business online in Search and Maps. It's frustrating and often you feel that Google is not doing anything to police the situation, let me assure you they are, but this does not help you right now and you want something done.


So lets do it !



How to Report Spam Business Pages


1) If you have found the spam page in maps or in the local pack, then click, suggest and edit.


2) In the new panel that open, top left select place is permanently closed or does not exist, select yes.


3) In the next panel select the spam option and submit.


Those three steps in Images:


Suggest an Edit:


screencapture (24).png



Select Place is permanently closed


screencapture (25).png


Mark as Spam and submit


screencapture (26).png


This now gets added to the que for a human reviewer. Trust me it will get looked at, it does not disappear into a black hole, after all there are around 10,000 Spammers for every 1 Googler, ( I made that up ), but you get the scale of the problem faced by Google every day.




Why Can't They Just Delete It?


Because it is a business page, where real people are / may be working, they cannot simply take your word for it, after all, how would you feel if someone reported your business as Spam and just removed it. They need to be sure.


Google also never reveals their Spam procedures. I am guessing at this, but this is what I would be doing.


  • How was it created?
  • How was it verified?
  • Are there any others attached to the account?
  • Is it part of a network?


There is no point deleting until you have all the information you can possible extract.



I Reported It Weeks Ago, What Now?


If you reported the business page and you can see no visible action being taken, then you can post the problem in the Spam & Policy section in the Help Forum.



Please provide as much information as possible, we are all volunteers here, so hunting around for URL's, the nature of the Spam etc etc, can take up quite a bit of our time, when we could be escalating the problem.


List as much information as you have, in order for the Spam team to be able to act upon the problem. 


If for some reason you are a serious Spam Hunter ( yes we have quite a few here ) then instead of posting multiple messages in dribs and drabs, create a Google Doc spreadsheet with all the necessary information and you can post it all in one go.



about Tim Capper

Tim Capper operates a bespoke Local SEO and Google Business consultancy in the UK, Online Ownership. As an experienced SEO consultant, Tim takes an honest, straightforward approach to helping your business stand out online .

Stephen K
April 2016

Great article Tim. 


Very informational when it comes to understanding why some businesses are sorted by Google as permanently closed. Recently and over a year ago prior to learning more of Google's services I had noticed our local mall had closed on Google maps. Imaging the dismay of workers and families coming through town thinking this mall was closed. It seemed after 6-8 months some one may have taken noticed to suggest an edit to Google. 

chris l
June 2016

My Business listing keeps getting removed, and the email from google say's because of spammy behaviour and yet I have done nothing to the page except verfiy it with the post card they sent me, it keeps happening to me everytime I list my businees which has been at the same location over 10 years and I sent a copy of my business license from the state to google...still does no good and they remove my business listing, I think it's my compiteitor having it removed

Tim Capper Top Contributor
June 2016

Chris please start your own thread in the forum, where we can help you.




Provide the business name, address and tel number. If you have the business page URL that would also be very useful.


You can Ping me, when you have created post and I'll be happy to take a look.


Tim Capper
Google My Business Top Contributor (UK) and SEO consultant at Online Ownership

chris l
June 2016

Thank you, How do I ping you?

David F
July 2016

Thank You +Tim Capper !


Simply, well written detailed information.



Really helpful...

Tim Capper Top Contributor
July 2016

Thank You @David F

Mark A
February 2017

Good info for users of Google, but what about Business owners who have had their pages suggested as Spam when they are not? Probably done as an act of negative SEO from a competitor, or a frustrated customer perhaps. Either way you will know the perpetrator as they will needed to have been logged in to their account to do this.


This has now happened to a client of mine, so visitors are seeing their listing labelled as Spam in nice bold red type. Problem is they have received no notification of this new status, and even worse there is no way of defending malicious edits such as this (that I can find). I guess (based on what you're saying above) they just have to wait until some human comes along and makes a decision (hopefully the right one) at some point in the future, probably weeks or months. In the meantime the business looses credibility, visitors and reputational damage is done.


If my summary of the situation is correct, then why is this okay?

Tim Capper Top Contributor
February 2017

Hi @Mark A


If the account has been suspended it may be for multiple reasons. If you would like me to look please post all the account setails in a new thread in the Forum.


Alternativly you can apply for reinstatemtn from here:



Gary M

Hi, every time I post a topic on a Google forum I get an email from a support member telling me it's the wrong place for this topic.


It looks like you could shed some light on my problem.


I have used Google ad words for about 8 years, it's been very good, Or has it?
Now when I use my phone or tablet to search my business I find that the unpaid Google map Businesses are the first thing your drawn to and with a "click to call" button it's what most people use.
I use a "Click to Call" button on my Ad Words Too.
Now the first 2 out of 3 Businesses on the maps when you search for "Man with a van Coventry" are not using Adwords
Also these Map adds do not rotate so the first Business A, B and C are all ways at the very top all unpaid for.
From my experience with Map businesses and Adword in the last 8 years I have paid for Adwords and I have been No1"A" on Google Business Maps too, I have now been demoted in the last 3 months, for some reason to 4th or 5th and do not come up on the Business map on a phone, Tablet or computer. This has seen a 60% decline in phone calls for my line work.
All this time I thought it was the Adwords that was bringing in the calls but it looks like it was the Map ads.
Before anyone says this is sour grapes on my behalf because I'm not at the top of Map ads any more, My colleague Who is also in Removals "man and van" is now top of Business maps and is getting Twice as many calls as he did 3 months back. We share are work between us, we used to say that I would get more of the work Calls and didn't know why. Now we Do.
Isn't it about time Google started charging for Businesses to be on Google Maps.
Or to rotate the maps so they're not a conflict of interest with Adwords. 
Tim Capper Top Contributor

Hi @Gary M


The local pack is not based on Adwords, to understand how ranking in the local pack works you can take a look at this article:




Here is another article, that discusses local rankings, but take a look at the section that shows all the different variations of Local Packs:




As with all Adwords, it has no impact on the organic positions or local pack positions.