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How Good Are you Strategically


Everyone who works on Google AdWords platform needs to be sound technically. The real challenge is to put up a well draft strategy for each client. Google AdWords is flexible yet very complicated, you need to gather all details when working on promoting client business on Google AdWords such as competition in the market, offerings etc.

In this article, I am writing down my experience with AdWords. I truly believe success lies behind proper strategy, implementation, management, optimization and reporting. Before you take a campaign live, below are some of the points need to consider.


1. Educate the Client

It’s our job to educate the client on what PPC Marketing can do for them (Realistically) and how AdWords can be beneficial for their business. We know more about PPC Marketing than the client. However, that does not mean that the client needs to be taken advantage of because they do not know how everything works.We need “in many ways” educate the client as to what is working, not working and where there are opportunities.

“Honesty Is The Best Policy”be honest, realistic and set prospects expectations accordingly.


2. Educate yourself about the Client &Offerings

Understand the client business, their online marketing objectives and based on that come out with most suitable PPC marketing plans. You can start with knowing and understanding unique requirements of the clients as well as their expectations and followed by the thorough analysis which includes product line analysis, competitor analysis, keywords analysis etc. Every business has its own requirements and this also applies with PPC marketing. Same marketing plans don’t fit to all business types, you need to understand each client and their goals to draft well suited plan. Same approach for every business might not work for you get the desired results. A customized strategic plan is must to achieve them.


 3. Keywords are “Key” but Keywords Aren't Everything

Now that strategy, planning is done, we need to start with implementation of AdWords campaign. To start, we need Keywords in other words search terms which are typed by our potential customer in Google search engine. Keywords are essential but choosing right keywords are very important. With the help of free tools by google such as google keyword planner (earlier knows as google keyword tool), and with competitor research we need to built a good potential keywords.


4. Grouping of keywords in proper Themes

Now that we have keywords, it is strategically correct to bifurcating them in smaller buckets. Keywords which tell about product and service you are advertising - grouping them according to theme is half way to success. For example you have four themes in hand i.e. classes, tutorials, batches, lessons, we would say create four Adgroups for each theme. Another Example: Imagine that we are selling software solutions for devices: Desktop and Mobile. That immediately splits our "software solutions" searches into two smaller groups: mobile software solutions and desktop software solutions.

So, each of these groups has a different likelihood of purchasing online. Hence; we can split the adgroups and can also strategize bids accordingly.


5. Picking out the right Audience – negative Keywords

What is right Audience? Audiences who are interested in your products and services. It will not be a right strategy to show ads to people who will not be interested in your advertisement. For example, what will happen if you will show your ad for “best cbse school” to someone who is looking for job in a school as a teacher? You will end up losing money. What will happen if you will show your ad to people who are looking for free, cheap and trail services whereas you are not offering any service for free and at a cheap rate and on a trial? Again, you will end up losing money. To avoid losing money you need negative keyword strategy which will allow you to exclude irrelevant clicks show add to the user interested in your ad.


6. Advertisement That catch’s User Attention and Beat Competitor

Well now that we have potential keywords and we have grouped them in Adgroups aaccording to theme, our next step to success is “Adcopy”. Having said earlier keywords is key but not everything that’s because Adcopy is what user sees and prompts to click. To stand out in a crowd you need creative, relevant Adcopy with a clear message. To start with incorporate the right keywords into your Adcopy, Make sure that there’s a call to action in your ads, Make sure that your ad is not filled with useless information and Make your display URL stand out.With a strong strategy and highly relevant adcopy, it’seasy to have stunning and high-converting PPC advertisement.


7. Campaign settings

Choosing the right settings is just as important as selecting the right keywords and ad groups.  To start with, selecting the right networks in AdWords, selecting the right devices, choosing the geographical reach of your campaign with location targeting, location options, selecting an appropriate ad delivery method, set your ad rotation settings for optimal returns & ad scheduling. Depending on your advertising strategy, choosing the right campaign settings is very important to design a successful campaign.


8. Bidding Strategy

Depending on the strategy and your time availability, you have the option to manually set your own bids or let Google manage them for you.In this case most people will prefer to have more control over their bidding and they will probably select manual bidding. This option is time consuming, but will guarantee more control over your ad spend and ad positioning.


9. Add Graininess Through Advance Targeting

In addition, the advance targeting methods will help us to add granularity. We can use Adextensions to enhance the beauty of Adcopy at the same time providing user more options to reach you. They are all important considerations that can impact the effectiveness of your campaign tremendously.


 10.  Reporting

Reporting is a very integral part of PPC. Of course, it’s important to be able to show the return on investment (ROI) of the PPC budget. However, by using reports to analyze performance, search engine marketers can optimize their accounts by changing bids, adding or pausing keywords, rotating in new ad copy, etc. Needless to say, it’s important to be very familiar with the reporting options that are available.


11. Future of paid Search Campaigns

Coming up with a list of Keywords and optimizing with adjusting of bids etc. are still part of paid search campaigns, but we  need to invariably be thinking about what every different piece of information & strategy that we know & built about a business means for our audiences. Try new strategies measure results are essential for your ppc campaign growth.

about Gokuldas K

A Strategic thinker with progressive experience in Digital Marketing (Google Ad words, MSN Adcenter, Social Media Marketing, Email marketing and Website Management). I am an eager learner and look forward to learn new things/strategies each day at the same time I would like to help others to the best of my knowledge. If you'd like to know more or would like to contact me, please email me –

Mini-CM Community Manager
January 2014

Thanks for posting this, Gokuldas. 

shah i
January 2014

thank you for sharing the prime time view but  i would some more essence to your verdict
"A stratagic thinker is one who gets into a topic deeply keeping in mind the business/client or personal needs along with the things that stands the article apart from the global environment "

January 2014

Hi Gokul,


Thanks for sharing such a nice "To do list" for running and optimising successful of campaigns on Adwords.



Just to add up to your note;


As a strategic thinker, one should have exact deep understanding of deliverables, thier timelines, appending set of metrices and KPIs to measure the performance of campaigns. I think Strategy should always be flexible and have contingency plan also.





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