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How Does an Extension Work on a Display Ad? | #AdWordsAnswers


Hi Community!


This is Vrinda from the Google AdWords Team and today, I’m going to be explaining how you can utilize ad extensions in your Display ads.


First: what are ad extensions?

Ad extensions are a great way to extend your ads by adding important and relevant information about your business below your ad’s headline and description. These can take the form of a phone number, your business address, or an extra line of promotional text, to name a few.

Where can ad extensions show?

Ad extensions can be shown on both the Google Search and Google Display Networks. The Search Network consists of only text ads, so all ad extensions are eligible to serve.


The Display Network, on the other hand, can show text ads and image ads. Ad extensions will show only on text ads. More specifically, only call extensions and location extensions are eligible to show on text ads on the Display Network.

What determines whether my ad extension will show?

Adding an ad extension won’t guarantee that it will show with your ad every time your ad is served. There are many factors that determine whether your ad extension will show, including your Ad Rank (which consists of your bid, quality score, and landing page experience) and the expected impact of any extensions you’ve enabled.

So go ahead and create ad extensions for your Search Network with Display Select and Display Network Only campaigns, and enhance your text ads for better performance! You can learn more about campaign types and various ad extensions here.

I hope this was helpful. Feel free to let me know via a comment if you have any more questions!

Habib S
May 2016


Short and to the point revision.


Thank you

Monzurul H Badged Google Partner
August 2016

This Article was posted on 27th April and Today it's 14th August. What is the latest update about how ad extension works on Display network?


I can see my Remarketing campaign, Sitelink extensions get a few impressions. 

Tereza S
August 2016
it really helpful